The Lady Project is an economic development non profit and membership organization that connects, inspires and showcases awesome women doing amazing things through membership, events and community engagement.

The Lady Project was founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 2012. Fed up with the prevalent "old boys club" style of networking and the lack of support for young entrepreneurial women, recent college graduates Sierra Barter and Julie Sygiel created an opportunity for driven like-minded women who are passionate about their communities to come together through signature events and the yearly Lady Project Summit. With chapters nationwide and over 1,00 members, The Lady Project has created a national movement.

We know that when you put amazing, driven and entrepreneurial women together in one room-- and they work together, instead of competing with one another-- amazing things happen. 

Members of The Lady Project connect with each other through an active online community and in person at monthly workshops, events, and networking opportunities, where featured members present in their area of expertise.  These events include book clubs, active nights, and workshops focused on finance, business, marketing, and more. Many Lady Project events include our signature "3x3" speaking series, which features three members of unique backgrounds speaking for three minutes.

The Lady Project has been featured in GlamourEntrepreneur, CNN Money, BUST and more

Lady Project memberships and events are intended for those who identify as female.