FAQ + Help

Q. I am moving- can I change my chapter?
A. Absolutely-- go to your Manage Account page and you can change your chapter.  

Q. I got a new headshot or job-- how can I update this in the Member Directory?
A. Go to your Manage Account page and you can change all your personal info. 

Q. I am a brand new member-- what is the best type of event for me to attend first?
A. All of our events are great and welcoming for new (and returning!) members. Definitely sign up for the next online New Member Hangout or your city's Member Meet Up. Check out the events calendar for a list of all events.

Q. Can I attend other chapter events, even if I am a member of a different chapter?
A. Totally! Lady Project members are members everywhere-- even though they choose a "home city." Check out the events calendar for a list of all Lady Project events.

Q. I would like to add my co-founder or colleague to my account. How can I do that?
A. Business members can add up to two more colleagues to their account for $50/year-- you can use the discount code additionalmember to sign up. 

Q. What are the different pricing models? 
A. You can now choose to pay yearly on a recurring basis (so, we'll charge your card automatically when you need to renew), pay once (if you do not renew when your account expires, it will be deleted), or monthly on a recurring basis. 

Q. I have a great idea for this members' only portal. Who do I talk to? 
A. Awesome, we'd love to hear it! Contact us and we'll chat more.

Q. I am excited to post in the Forum and my city's Facebook group. How do I know what to post/what not to?
A. Great question- check out our terms of use for all the info.



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