Your Lady Squad


As Valentine’s Day approaches, a lot of the focus is going to be on romantic couples: commercials for jewelry to purchase for your significant other, advertisements for restaurants promising romantic dinners, and stuffed animals and flowers everywhere you turn. All of this red and pink garishness can be a bit overwhelming, especially because the holiday should be focused on who you love, not how much you can buy for them. While it is important to celebrate your romantic relationships, Valentine’s Day is also the perfect occasion to show your best girl friends how much you love them! Regardless of whether or not you have a significant other, you should take some time this Valentine’s season to hang out with your squad, because they’re the ones that have always been there.

There are so many benefits to having a tight-knit group of lady friends, but some of the best are:

1. You always have several closets to go through

We’ve all had that moment. While you’re getting ready to go somewhere and you’re standing before your closet, distraught about the fact that you have nothing to wear. With a whole squad, you’ll never be lacking—someone is always bound to have the perfect outfit for any situation, whether it’s a job interview, a first date, or a class presentation!

2. At least one person is down to go out with you

Squad = at least one girl who’s ready to be your drinking buddy/dance partner/wing-woman at all times. Who else would you rather take cute pictures with on the dance floor than your best friends?

3. You’ll never have to binge-watch a series alone

Few things are better than falling in love with a new Netflix series. One thing that trumps this, though, is finding a series that you and your best friends want to watch, because having binge-watch buddies just make it way more fun. There will always be someone to discuss your crazy theories with, and someone that will understand when you’re rambling on in what might seem like another language to everyone else.

4. There’s a guaranteed audience for your art/writing/music/show, etc.

Part of having a girl gang is that they’re always ready to be your audience. Whether you’re performing in a show, or if you just wrote something and want to share it with someone, they’re always willing to support your endeavors—and provide the accompanying gentle critique if it’s necessary, but always always always the highest praise.

5. Someone will always be there if you’re having a bad day

Everyone has difficult days once in a while. Maybe something went wrong at work, or you overslept and didn’t have time for coffee, or you’re just exhausted. Sometimes, the only cure for this is having someone to listen to your problems. Someone from your squad will always be there to listen, give you a hug, and offer some advice. Bonus to having several best friends: Someone almost always knows what the right solution will be.

6. You always have people to celebrate with

Conversely, sometimes you have really good days. Maybe your story pitch got accepted, or you aced that exam you were worried about, or got promoted at work. It could be as big as any of those things, or as small as just getting through the day. Regardless of the accomplishment, friends are always willing to celebrate each other’s victories, which makes life just that much more fun.

7. You always have a group of incredible women to support you

This is the supreme reason that having a squad of incredible ladies is the absolute best. Women are fiercely protective of their friends, and will go to any lengths to protect one another. If you’re having a rough day, or are struggling with something at work, or just can’t quite figure out life right now, it’s fine, because your best friends will always have your back. They’re always there to offer a hug, a joke, advice, or just a cup of coffee, and they’ll always be there whenever you need them.

This Valentine’s Day, show your lady friends some extra love. They’ve seen you at your worst, and still think you’re the most beautiful, incredible person on the planet. Female friendships are the best—you have built-in dance partners, audiences, show-watchers, and most importantly, a guaranteed support system. While Valentine’s Day might be all about romance, Galentine’s Day is a celebration of another kind of love—the fierce, all-encompassing love between friends that every woman needs in her life.

Angela Christaldi is a junior English and Communication Studies double major at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Having a love for words as long as she can remember, Angela is currently the Managing Editor of The Hawk Newspaper and also works as a Writing Tutor at the university’s Writing Center.  She plans to pursue a career in journalism after graduation, and hopes to have fantastic adventures around the world.  When she isn’t working on newspaper production or homework, she can usually be found at a concert.  Books, coffee, and red lipstick are some of her favorite things.  Find her on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn