Women of Style March Feature: DJ Valentina

I met Valentina at a family wedding last August, and the pull was instant. Her charismatic and approachable demeanor was immediate - I had to know more about her. Coincidently, it was right around the time when I was toying over the idea of searching and showcasing hidden gems in our state; ladies who are hustling and doing biz in style; the ones we haven’t heard of (yet), or have heard of in private discussions here and there, but who haven’t been in the Rhody spotlight. And there she was, doing her thing up on the DJ booth, and having a hellavuh fun, eight weeks after she had given birth to her second child. I knew automatically that I had found the first feature for my Lady Project blog style series.

Valentina is poised, confident, friendly, unassuming, unpretentious, humble and aware of her Cape-Verdean roots, and most of all successful and incredibly driven. When we met at her Hitched! office to talk style, she wore an ombré jacket over a white shirt with cutouts, blue jeans, with the most fabulous light military greyish-green riding boots; her signature cat eye liner, red lipstick, and her sharp and effortlessly-looking hair style.

DJ Valentina

OR: “What does style mean to you, in both your personal and professional life?”

DJ V: “It means freedom to let my inner personality shine outwardly for the world to see! In my personal life I am a little more casual to help with juggling the every day needs of my family. It means being practical as often as possible considering I have two children. In my professional life it means looking the part! I would never dream of meeting a client with the same outfit I sport in my everyday “mommy” life (laughs). I am a professional and I need to project that to my clients. It starts with my appearance. Hair, makeup, and clothes!”

OR: “What defines your signature style?

DJ V: “My red tube of lipstick and black leather pants. My leather pants paired with a black top, blazer, and pumps are my go-to when I can’t decide what to wear. It says ‘I’m edgy…I’m cool…and I can be a professional too!’ Also a great smile goes a long way with clients and my Ruby Roo by MAC helps enhance my pearly whites.”

DJ Valentina

OR: “Do you have a style muse?”

DJ V: “I get inspired by many different fashion icons and everyday people. I pretty much march to the beat of my own drums…pun intended!”

OR: “You feel most creative when you’re wearing…”

DJ V: (Laughs) “My baseball cap, sweatshirt, jogging pants or jeans with my pair of Chuck Taylor Converses.”

OR: “This spring you’re splurging on…”

DJ V: “Flats! They're comfortable and can be worn with almost any outfit.”

OR: “What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur and a female DJ?”

DJ V: “Nothing is impossible! None of us were born movie stars, pop stars, business owners, or the President of the United States. You have to work for what you want. To get there, it’s important to take the first step, which can be anything. Whether it’s calling someone, researching something or going for a walk….Whatever that first thing is that you think feasible, make it your first step. The remaining steps tend to miraculously fall into place.”

DJ Valentina

Valentina Marianetti, known as DJ Valentina, co-owns an Event Planning company with her husband called Hitched! Weddings & Events, located at 1053 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island. She began her career as a DJ, and within a decade in the business, her clients have included Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, members of the New England Patriots including Doug Flutie and Jarvis Green, and Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks. www.hitchedne.com

If you know someone with style chops, who is doing pretty awesome things and ought to be featured on the Lady Project blog, I want to hear from you! Please email me at Olivia@olivia-rodrigues.com.

Photography: Brittanny Taylor