Lady Project Woman of Style // Gabriella Valladares

This lady is a a go-getter and does it with effortless style! When Gabriella met with Brittanny Taylor and I, she was just about to begin a new exciting chapter doing what she excels at and enjoys as the new Social Media Director of Regan Communications in Boston.

Her outlook on minimalist style is refreshing, relatable, and not without a hint of color (She totally had me at matching red lips + red flats with baseball cap). Talk about chic! After spending some time with her, I left Boston wanting to take the WOS series on more road trips.

Meet Gabriella...

What does style mean to you, in both your personal and professional life?

For me, style means having the ability to show off my personality through the pieces I choose to wear, while also remaining as comfortable as possible. I, too, have heard the tired adage "beauty is pain" but I simply don't agree. Why spend everyday uncomfortable in what you're wearing? That's just not me.

What is your signature style? And, how did you come to realize it?

Simple; as minimal as possible without losing a personal touch. I really found my style when I began traveling between Atlanta and Boston. I made my best attempts at packing less (and better), and as a result began wearing more transitional pieces - day to night, meetings to dinner, etc.

Do you have a style muse? Who and why?

Oh my, so many! There are a few bloggers who really inspire me with their style - Blair of Atlantic-Pacific and Taylor Sterling of Glitter Guide, to name a few.

List 3 things from your wardrobe that you currently love

My J.Crew loafers (I have them in four colors/patterns - I should be embarrassed, but I'm totally not). 2. My new infinity scarf made by my dear friend, Kelly. 3. A lustrous necklace on loan from Rocksbox.

What are you splurging on this winter season?

A new coat! I finally picked up a Penfield parka. #bestdecision2016

Your Instagram feed is visually appealing, and feels totally in synch with your personal style - what advice can you give to someone who is looking to align these two things?

Be true to who you are, don't force it. Share the photos and memories that make you happiest. If they truly reflect you as a person, they're going to reflect your style as well.

Let's fast forward a little bit - say it's December 31, 2016. What's the one thing you'd like to look back on and say "Yeah, I did that!"?

I want to launch a new side hustle! I'm already freelancing and have boasted a side hustle(s) in the past, but I've got my eyes on a new project.

Gabriella is a Director of Social Media, Creative Manager, blogger, and volunteer. Unofficially, she is a networking aficionado, avid reader, and ice skating enthusiast (read: amateur). She is currently located in Boston, Massachusetts, but you'll most often find her at 35K feet. She creates content by day and night; serves as the Creative Manager for the BOS Lady Project chapter; and she is a volunteer advisor for Sigma Kappa Sorority. You can find her blogging about life, DIY projects, travel, and more at, and sharing her favorite content on social media (@gabivalladares) on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Photography: Brittanny Taylor