Why donate to The Lady Project? We're glad you asked.


That's right -- The Lady Project is celebrating our one year anniversary of being a non profit organization with the goal of raising $5,000 to support and expand programming in every Lady Project City.

And why donate to The Lady Project?  We're so glad you asked!


5.  It’s our anniversary! 

It was just a year ago that The Lady Project and 501(c)(3) non profit status started a pretty serious relationship and well — we couldn’t be happier.  

From the beginning, this organization has been committed to our mission to connect, inspire and showcase awesome women doing amazing things.  And we’ve continued our dedication to that mission — from our hometown Providence, Rhode Island — to each new city chapter as it emerges.  

And you know, the traditional gift for 1 year anniversaries is technically paper … and well, what better time to reach out and ask our supporters for some money … you know, which is technically paper.  Makes sense, right?? 

In all seriousness - this completely volunteer run organization depends on the support and generosity of the people, organizations and companies that believe in our mission to keep this movement going!  Every dollar we raise helps us launch new chapters, offer more benefits to our members, put on more fun events  and gives us the chance to create positive effects on women all over this country!  

4.  Giving Away Things Makes you Happy

It’s basically a scientific fact.  Sure, I could look up science reports and science research stuff, you know, but there’s no real need because well, it’s a fact.  Trust me.  It’s inevitable that when you give something away — you get that warm, fuzzy feeling.  The one deep down.  And fuzzy feelings?  If happiness had a recipe — the main ingredient would be like, 4 cups of fuzzy feelings.  

Again, it’s kinda science-y, but donating is literally good for your soul.  

  • Give us $15 - and an inspired woman will receive the materials she needs to create a brand new chapter and a whole new community in her own city. 
  • Give us $25 - and we’ll throw another amazing event where women will come together to support each other and create new opportunities, collaborations and relationships.  
  • Give us $50 - and we’ll be able to offer membership scholarships to female small business owners, helping their business thrive.   
  • Give us $250 - and we’ll start an whole new city chapter! 
  • Give us $500 - and we’ll force our fearless leader, Sierra Barter to leave you a voicemail singing your favorite Taylor Swift song. 

And the best part — no matter what the amount, YOU are a part of this movement and we guarantee the fuzzy feelings! 

3.  Brittanny Taylor 

Everybody, meet Brittanny.  Brittanny, everybody.  Brittanny is a crazy talented photographer and a member of PVD Lady Project.  When I asked Brittanny about how she feels about The Lady Project — she told me how she has met some of her closest friends in the organization .. the kind of women she can talk to every single day and even better — the kind that motivate her to be her best self.  

I thought that was just the coolest — but THEN, Brittanny told me how she met a women at a lady project event and they decided to get some coffee post the event … a few months after that coffee, this woman hired Brittanny as the Creative Director for her company, 1am Beauty.  As Brittanny herself said it, “Who knew that just saying ‘Hi’ to someone at an event would turn into me becoming a Creative Director of a company only a few months later.”  

Ok, so new bff’s AND a kickass job? And then just when I thought that was the coolest — Brittanny said this: 

“This year has been a time of personal growth and because of The Lady Project — it’s been the best year of my life.”   *Mic Drop* 

Let’s just say that together — THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE.  Sure, when you give us money, we do thing like use it to make copies of training manuals, buy name tags for events, keep our websites up + running, you know — kinda boring stuff … but we want you to remember that when you actually give us money — you’ve helped Brittanny Taylor have THE BEST YEAR OF HER LIFE.   We’re talking about the kind of year that has led Brittanny to discover her own purpose of uplifting other women and reminding them of their worth and how important it is to value themselves.  

And the best part?  While there will never be another Brittanny — there are plenty of other women with their own amazing, inspiring, incredible stories …. thanks to The Lady Project!  

2.  Guilt 

If #5-3 have yet to move you to click right here and give us some of your hard earned cash, then we’re hoping that our fallback, sheer guilt, propels you to move.  You know the feeling — in a couple of weeks when you open Facebook and there’s The Lady Project graciously thanking everyone that helped us hit our $5000 goal and you remember you totes forgot to make your donation because that day on Facebook you got distracted by a video about a kitten and an octopus being best friends.  You feel guilty, don’t you?  

So pay no attention to adorable animal videos or celebrity gossip and GO STRAIGHT HERE to avoid feeling bad about yourself in a short couple of weeks.  

And afterwards — if you happen to find a video about a kitten and octopus being best friends — YOU SEND THAT TO ME. 

1.  You Are or You Know a Lady in Providence, New Haven, Boston, Nashua, Seattle, New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boulder, San Diego (and more chapters to come in 2016):

Wow, that’s a whole lotta places!  Right?  Well, that’s every city that will have a Lady Project city chapter by the end of the year.  Wowzers.  That’s a lot of ladies. 

And we’re guessing — you’re either one yourself OR you know a lady in one of those cities.  So, hey!  Your donation will directly affect + support your city's (or your lady’s city) chapter and will give you the chance to experience all of the amazing benefits of The Lady Project.  

What amazing benefits, you ask?  

Uh, yeah, I’m just going to leave this right here: 

“ ... Because of The Lady Project — it’s been the best year of my life.”  - Brittanny Taylor 

So -- in advance -- thank you for donating + for supporting The Lady Project!