Wait! Before You Organize That Closet...


So you've decided to tackle your closet once and for all. Maybe it's because you can't seem to find the mate to your favorite pair of heels or because you saw some inspiring closet photos on Pinterest. I say go for it regardless of the reason. An organized closet will save you time, money and your sanity when getting dressed. With the season change upon us, fall is one of the best times to revamp that closet. Before you dive in there are some organizing to dos that you may want to consider. 1. Set the Tone and Grab the Necessities

Making a commitment to getting your closet organized and looking fabulous is a project you should embrace. Try not to view it as a chore but rather a fun at home event! Carve out some time within your schedule, at least 3 hours, and put it on the calendar. Call up a friend for some support, turn on your favorite music when beginning the project and set the tone for a successful closet re-do. The atmosphere you create is more important than you might think. Heading into any home project feeling uneasy or a bit stressed will leave you feeling exhausted and unmotivated. The more comfortable you feel the more likely you are to stay focused. Before you begin grab two bags for items to toss and to donate. Also space saving felt hangers are a must which you can pick up at just about any store with a home department.

2. Remove, Edit, Designate 

Remove it all from your closet. Every last item. As you remove items place them in categories. Keep shoes, bags and clothing together. This step is so important in maximizing the space. It gives you the opportunity to start with a clean slate. Once the closet is empty you are able to better visualize the possibilities. In a cluttered closet there are sometimes so many hidden opportunities for better use of space. By removing the contents you get to start from scratch and see your closet's potential.

Move through each pile you created and begin to make edits. Toss it or donate it if you haven't worn it last season or within the last three months, and also if you don't love it. Those bags you set aside as you were setting the tone for a great closet revamp will come in handy now as you fill them up. Be honest with yourself about what you're holding onto. One of the nicest things you can do for yourself is to remove the things that are no longer serving you. Yes even clothing! The after effect is nothing but a feeling of lightness and clarity. You will thank yourself for your honesty in letting the items go. Be sure to designate your charity of choice for items you are donating and head there within the week. You will be less likely to open that bag up and start adding items back into your closet.

3. Take inventory to Create Function

Now that you are left with what you are holding onto and feeling excited about creating your new closet, its time to take inventory on what you have. Always organize to accommodate the size of the space rather than trying to squeeze in as much as possible. Count how many shoes, bags and accessories you have. Configure hanging space as well. If you are investing in bins and other closet organizing items, having a clear understanding of what you have will allow you to purchase exactly what you need. Consider empty space above shelving, the back of doors for hanging space and even a double hanging rod to maximize space. Creating function and systems that last is the key to time saving when getting dressed.

Remember it's never about perfection and always about creating a space that works for you. The time and effort you put into making your closet work for you will make a lasting impact!


photos by Brister Photo