Visualize Your Ideal Space To Create a Life You Love


"Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe" Oprah Winfrey 

There are so many articles, talks and advice centered around the idea of visualization. This idea of attracting your ideal life experience through your thoughts. There are vision boards to create and meditations to be done to focus on what it is we want to create in our lives. While I don't believe in closing my eyes and just wishing away while suddenly all of my wishes have manifested, I do believe in centered, focused and intentional thought. Thoughts that involve visualizing next steps that are tugging at those heart strings. Real heartfelt, feel good thoughts.

Using creative visualization for the sole purpose of creating a life that you love, one that feels like home, is powerful. It's not bogus, or weird. It's uplifting, and when you use visualization specifically focused on a particular space you would like to work or live in, you are enhancing your attraction potential far beyond just your ideal space.

Our Ideal Space is a Gateway to Our Happiness

Our homes and work spaces are a reflection of our lives and a deep reflection of what we would like to attract into our lives. When we are feeling stuck in life, as if our feet are in the mud, and we feel unsettled in our space this can consequently block us of the ideal vision we have for ourselves. This is when it's time to clear our minds, clear our calendar for the day and begin the process of visualizing our ideal space in order to bring things to life. Our homes and works space truly are our gateway to happiness.

Set aside some time to visualize your ideal space and tune into what this means for you. The power of intention behind this process is what will propel you forward in taking action beyond the vision. Whether it's a vision board you are creating or simply sitting in intention, focus on the feelings that come up for you when you are living and/or working in your ideal space. Think about the details in this space. The colors, the lighting, even the people. What types of environments motivate you and allow you to feel inspired? Also think about the best possible outcome when in this space. Imagine yourself experiencing joy, happiness and success in this space. Sit in this vision for as long as you'd like, or create this landscape on your vision board and display it somewhere that you allows you to be constantly reminded of the feelings it evokes.

Where Attention Goes Energy Flows

There is an expression where attention goes, energy flows. Take a moment to close your eyes and think about your current space that may have you feeling less than stellar about its appearance. What room did your mind go to? Now close your eyes and visualize how you would like that room to look in comparison to the way it is now. Slowly focus on the shift in the way you feel. Now that the vision for this new space has got your attention this attracting energy is beginning to flow. Step by step as you remove any unwanted items in the space, add your favorite colors or may be even decide it's truly time to move on, you have then taken your visualization and brought it to life.

This is the power behind visualizing a space you love that will in turn create a life you love. One that feels good on the inside.