Trust That You Won't Regret It


When we booked our trip to Peru, David asked me, “Do you want to hike Huayana Picchu? If so, we need to book it now.” I said, “Sure!” It was only as the trip got closer did I realize what I’d said yes to. A hike up the mountain that overlooks Machu Picchu. A hike that comes with warnings for people with vertigo, maybe this wasn't my thing.

Upon landing in Peru, I proceeded to ask everyone I crossed paths with about the hike. Our first day in Machu Picchu, I kept staring up at that mountain, and telling David, “I may not be up for that tomorrow.” When I asked people about it, they kept pointing to the mountain saying “See, there are people, that’s the path.” I couldn’t see any people, or a path, and I wasn’t sure I'd be up for this. The mountain loomed over me the whole day.

We finally agreed that we’d try it, but if at any point it was beyond my comfort zone, I could turn back. Silently, I kept telling myself, “Trust that you won’t regret this.”

I am far from an adrenaline junkie and while I love being out of my comfort zone when it comes to eating new food or being lost in a new city, I don’t like it when I feel physical danger. I used to let this stop me. But now I remind myself that the times I did physically get out of my comfort zone, I never regretted it. When I jumped off a boat in Capri, when I snorkeled for the first time in Hawaii (I’ve got some serious water fears), or when we climbed The Beehive in Acadia National Park, those were all worth it and some of my best memories.


“Trust that you won’t regret this.” That’s what I kept telling myself the morning we started out on this hike. Along with: Trust in your physical ability. Trust that this hike is safe. Trust that the view of this magical place is going to take your breath away.


Trusting like this, when I’m some place as magical as Machu Picchu, is always easier for me. The view was that amazing, and feeling my heart pump in that thin air cleared my head. I'll admit, it’s harder to do at home, in my daily grind, but I find that more and more I’m giving myself the same advice. A decision may be scary, but I need to trust that I won’t regret it, and just go for it.