Travel Deeper, Travel Often


A few weeks ago I posted this photo of me on Instagram, taken on a 2003 trip (with film!) to Colorado, with the hashtag #traveldeeper. Our amazing editor-in-chief Jen Brister got in touch with me shortly thereafter and invited me to be part of the Lady Project blog as travel editor, and couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I currently live in Providence with my amazing boyfriend, and our travel mascot (it’s true, you’ll meet him later), and live to travel, and have designed my life so that I can do as much of it as possible. I’m one of those people who plans my next trip while flying home from the one I’m on. I do weird things like watch a travel show on Croatia (or Laos or Bolivia), then pull out my laptop and make a spreadsheet to see how much it would cost to go there. And I think this a super fun way to spend a Sunday.

I once worked for a month in China, and have zipped through Vietnam on the back of a motorbike. I have spent an entire night throwing up in a hotel room in Ecuador, only to think, “When can we come back here?” I’ve been scrubbed down in a Turkish bath, mugged in Ireland, and have seen the sun rise over Angkor Wat. I’ve developed an appreciation for (some might say, obsession for) Spanish ham and have learned that aloha is way more than just a greeting.  All this just makes me want to experience the world more and I’m looking forward to sharing this passion with you.

My aim on this blog is to focus on all things travel. Trips I've taken and experiences I've had, but also ways for you to make travel more meaningful. I look forward to sharing my favorite travel gear and giving you tips for making it happen smoothly. Most of all, I hope to share what inspires me and hopefully inspire you too.