Tips For Long Distance Friendships

Friendships that withstand the test of time often have to withstand the test of distance. Just like a long distance relationship with a partner, long distance friendships require effort and care to thrive and remain nourishing. Having transplanted to several different cities in my lifetime, I have friends all across the country and even some international pals. Making time to reach out to your friends can often fall by the wayside, but here are few ways to show your long distance pals that you care and are there for them, even when you can't be physically there!

1. Schedule a weekly or monthly phone date

Break out your schedules and find a time that works for both of you, no matter the time zone, to talk regularly via skype, phone, or text. Even if you have to occasionally move or break the date, you'll have a weekly or monthly reminder to catch up with your friend.

2. Use apps like Instagram or Line to hold Group Chats

Including a group of friends that have all scattered to different areas in one group chat can help rekindle that feeling of the group hangouts you miss. Just remember to turn on your notifications!

3. Write Letters

It may take a little more time and effort, but our pals are worth it. The feeling of sending and receiving letters and postcards is unmatched in this day and age. It really shows someone how much you care. It is also a great excuse to use the stickers and stationary you may have hoarded over the years.

4. Send Gifts

There are a lot of services around that make it very easy to treat your friends to a little something if you have room in your budget. Trials of monthly subscription boxes are a fun way to try new things with your friends and there are a variety of options out there. A gift card along with a handwritten letter could also be a fun surprise for a friend.

Moving cities doesn't have to mean the end of a friendship. You can bridge the gap at any time by reaching out to say that your friend is on your mind. Usually you will find that you're on their mind too! Putting a little effort into the relationship can go a long distance.

Bethany Caliaro is a recent Johnson & Wales University Graduate working in the Providence restaurant scene. She loves connecting with the Providence community through her work with The Lady Project and her Instagram. In her spare time, she tries to grow plants and eats out with her friends.