The Joy Of Exploring The Unknown


When you think about it, joy is a very appropriate blog topic for the month of August. First of all, it is August, aka summertime central, what isn’t joyful about that? 

The warm sunshine striking your face, sundresses 24/7, guilt free zone on getting mani/pedis on a regular basis, and my personal favorite, vacation time. Although you can go on vacation any time of the year (but don't splurge it all during this season alone) the majority of people tend to travel during the summer months. Whether it is due to school, slow season at work or they just want to bask on the beach on a tropical island, July and August are two of the peak months to travel. 

As a wanderlust junkie, my favorite aspect of traveling is being able to explore the new city or country I’m traveling to. I feel immense joy when I am surrounded by locals and I get to take them up on their recommendations on where I should eat, shop, and dance or the must see sites to visit. They will direct you to the most authentic and best places to travel. When I was in Jamaica last summer on a business trip, I wished and hoped our meetings would end early with the hopes of making it to Dunn’s River Falls, a major attraction throughout the island. During a break, I was conversing with an employee at the resort who informed me to actually travel to YS Falls instead as it is much prettier and less known by the tourists. 

Another favorite of mine is to literally just wander around a popular area; when I travel to Europe that is one of my favorite activities to partake in. Those small alleyways are composed of food markets, souvenir shops, clothing shops, literal hole in the wall restaurants, and a plethora of other goodies. Take that turn down the beaten path, explore, get a little lost, I promise you if you stay calm and cool your natural instincts will get you to where you need to go. 


Take me for example; I am not still lost in Mykonos amongst the narrow streets filled with cute chic clothing shops terrified that my cruise ship is going to depart without me. I followed an alleyway that I had not taken previously and did not recognize any of the landmarks. I was walking and could feel my heart beating and blood boiling as I continued to walk, by myself with no cell phone service mind you, but I kept my cool. I continued walking straight ahead taking in all the sites around me and sooner rather than later it opened out into the main boating dock area. On my little adventurous stroll, I found the best and most memorable souvenirs out of my whole trip. 

Even this past spring I decided to take a walk into the neighboring town which I’ve done numerous times before. I was in a woodsy area and came upon this little fork in the trail I had never noticed before. I have watched way too many movies to go down that fork alone, so I told my boyfriend we had a new adventure to tackle. That weekend I made him do the walk with me, taking our new fork in the road and discovering this new lake nearby and a faster route to get back to the main square. Fabulous!  

You will find the most beautiful and breathtaking things in the most unexpected places. Where will your next adventure take you?