The Joy Of Birthdays!

Joy as the theme during Leo season seemed like the perfect excuse to write about the joy of birthdays. Full disclosure, I’m a Leo and like most Leos, I love celebrating birthdays. (And, of course, compliments on my hair. Leos love that too.) I also love celebrating everyone else’s birthdays and am always confused by people who meet their birthday with dread.

No matter the number, birthdays are for celebrating all things you and finding joy in the way you travel through this life. It’s your own personal holiday, where you can indulge in the joy of being you and surround yourself with everything you love. 

Where can you find joy in birthdays? 

Find joy in the avalanche of wishes from so many people you love. Texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, real mail. Revel in each message and enjoy all these people who took time out of their day to think of you. Really, the most valuable thing people can give you is their time and attention, be grateful for it.

Find joy in looking back at your year and the incredible stuff you did. Did you visit a new country, welcome a new baby, stand in line all day for a U2 show and end up super close to Bono, twice? Woo hoo!

Find joy in knowing that you don’t have to go through some of this crap ever again. Looking back at a year can equally induce panic attacks and waves of stress. It can be a great relief to acknowledge that you don’t have to go through something again, like say… the 2016 election.

Find joy in making goals. Leave boring goals like maximizing your IRA contributions or exercising for New Years, and think about birthday goals as more personal, such as spending more time with people you miss or prioritizing time for being creative. 

Find joy in treating yourself, whatever that may involve. Get that facial, take the day off, say yes to that lunch invitation or have Champagne at breakfast. Or, maybe do all those things… that sounds like an awesome day.

Find joy in your favorite things. Make a playlist with all your favorite songs, make your favorite food for dinner. So many days of the year, we accommodate others, and make sure other people are happy and comfortable. Put that aside and have fun letting other people make sure you’re happy for a change. 

Find joy in another year of gained experience. Rather than thinking about how you could have used that knowledge for past problems, focus on using it going forward.

Find joy in making an ordinary day extraordinary. Birthdays turn a regular old Tuesday into something entirely different, and that change of perspective is restorative.

This year, find joy in another trip around the sun. It’s the best gift. When’s your birthday?