Summer Guide 2015 Feature // Adventures in Acupuncture


I feel like there is a hesitancy within me when acupuncture gets brought up in conversation. I've met a number of acupuncturists in the Lady Project and they all say that I should try it. I say "yeah totally!" and then never make the appointment. I don't know what is holding me back. I have tattoos and I give blood regularly so I am not afraid of needles. Even as I type this, I still can't tell you my reasoning. My business partner is obsessed with her acupuncturist. Everyone that I spoke to who has had it done said it is life changing. Going through this season's Lady Project Summer Guide, I saw that my friend Joanna Read had her first acupuncture session done with Hadley Clark of Zenkai Acupuncture. Joanna and Hadley dispel any myths that people may have about acupuncture being painful or scary. In Joanna's words "The sensation was quite euphoric... for a while I felt like I was floating through clouds." Wait, I want to feel like that too! After reading the article, I'm ready to book my first appointment. Try out something that may scare you this summer and treat yourself while you're at it! Read the entire article in the Lady Project Summer Guide.