Sneaky, Negative Habits That Hinder Success


If you asked a room full of women to tell you their worst habits, you’d probably end up hearing a lot about vices. For example, I might admit that outside the hours of 9AM-5PM, curse words fly a bit more freely than they should; or that I will decline your call if I don’t want to lose my place during an in-too-deep Instagram scroll. But what about those other habits – the ones we brush off as trivial, or worse, aren’t conscious of? Forget about sleeping in your eyeliner, and overindulging in trashy television; these sneaky little guys could be seriously hindering your success. Be on the lookout, ladies! Comparing ourselves to others. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent time plenty of time on social media keeping up with other people’s careers. Perhaps there’s someone out there that has your dream job, or has achieved a goal you strive for. Sure, some friendly competition might help light the fire; but it can also send us on a downward spiral. Getting too caught up in the lives of others can leave us with feelings of jealousy and doubt. When will it be my turn? Am I good enough? Dwelling on questions like these won’t help us get any closer to achieving our goals. (I know – easier said than done.) Next time you find yourself knee-deep on LinkedIn, consider sending an email to the person whose career you admire, asking them for a bit of advice. The worst that can happen is you don’t hear back, but you’ll never regret giving a compliment!

Ignoring the small successes. We all know that it’s crucial to set goals. We write them down, we paste them to our vision board, and we go Pinterest crazy. We recognize the importance of keeping that ultimate goal in mind, and imagine how great it will feel to achieve it. Every once in a while, though, we are faced with the inevitable obstacle or frustration; something that causes us to veer off course. This can seriously get you down, causing you to forget about all the progress that you have made, as well as the opportunities to come. It is important to celebrate your successes both big and small. Remember to ask yourself – “Am I in a better position today than yesterday?” If so, give yourself a pat on the back, and start fresh in the morning.

Not asking for help. So, you want to be a Girl Boss? It’s easy to find yourself in awe of the many talented, dedicated, and take charge ladies who inspire us today. They make our big dreams seem possible, and motivate us to go out there and get what we want. What does run the risk of happening, is us wanting to do it all on our own. Asking someone you trust for help, doesn’t mean you’re not capable. It means you’re willing to take a risk, and someone will be there to catch you if you fall.

Waiting for the right time. (Otherwise known as procrastinating.) You’ve heard it all before – there is never a perfect time. Have a dream? Start now. You’ll have nothing to evaluate or improve upon until you take that initial leap of faith.

You can do it, lady! Cheers to your success.

Catherine Kwolek was born and raised in Rhode Island, where she works as an accountant by day and blogger by night. She loves nothing more than a tall iced coffee and a good laugh. When she’s not busy exploring what’s new around Providence, she can be found crafting, perusing the makeup aisle, or binge watching House Hunters.