Smartphone Photography Workshop with BOS Lady Project and K + O Photo

There’s no doubt how important photos and images are in our digital worlds. But how do you create the perfect Instagram photo? Can you really capture the beauty of a place or a product with your smart phone?

To uncover these secrets, The BOS Lady Project hosted a smart phone photography workshop on Sunday, November 6th.

The workshop was an intimate session at a cozy Breather on Boylston Street. Attendees were greeted by the smiles of the workshop leaders, a table full of delicious bevs delivered by Drizly for make-your-own Grapefruit Rosemary Fizz, Chia Seed Pudding from Jugos, and mini doughnuts from Blackbird Doughnuts.

The photography workshop was led by one of BOS Lady Project’s City Managers and the #girlboss behind bygabriella, Gabi Valladares, and the talented photographer of K + O Photo, Katie Karlberg.   

Trust me when I say, these girls know what they’re talking about when it comes to photography and photo styling (if you don’t believe me, take a peek at their Instagram feeds here and here).

The workshop began happened on a Sunday morning and after filling up their cups with the delicious fizz, attendees sat together at a long, wooden table and were eager to dive into the workshop with their smartphones in hand.

The workshop started with a hands-on activity in which everyone had to use items from their purses and on the table to style a photo then compare their shots with their neighbors. Many ladies immediately realized how the cloudy day was playing tricks on their photos and sought after natural light by moving towards the windows. After the first activity, Katie shared the golden rules of photography. Then Gabi shared her expertise on how to maintain authenticity in your photos, the best apps to use for editing photos, and how to stay ahead of your social media posts with scheduling tools.

After Katie and Gabi shared their tips & tricks, attendees collaborated again to create picture perfect flat lays. Everyone also received complimentary headshot photos from Katie!

You may be curious what the golden rules of photography are, so I’ll share the knowledge I learned in the workshop so you can apply it to your next smartphone snapshot:

  1. Lighting — Whenever possible, use natural lighting. And be sure to utilize it at the right times, such as avoiding high noon if possible.

  2. Composition — Remember your rule of thirds, leading lines, and background. Turn on the Grid on your smart phone’s camera to master the rule of thirds. (On the iPhone, go to Settings > Photos & Camera > Turn on ‘Grid’ under the Camera Section)

  3. Break All The Rules & Be Yourself — Lighting and composition may be ingredients for an aesthetically pleasing image, but be true to yourself and your brand! Take the photo that you love even if it means going against all the advice you’ve ever heard.

If there is a reason I need to set an alarm on a Sunday morning again, then I hope it’s to attend the next BOS Lady Project workshop.