Six Outside-The-Box Ideas For Your Next Girls' Night

Getting together with friends can be hard enough as it is with work, school, family, and side hustles to focus on. When you finally get everybody on the same page schedule-wise, thinking of a new, fun activity can be just too much. It’s all too easy to fall back on the old standbys of dinner and drinks, but that can get boring and expensive. For the next time you and your lady squad are stuck in a rut, we got you covered.

1. Have a DIY night

Everyone can work on the same project, like pumpkin carving together during the fall, or you could all bring in your own separate projects to work on in the same space. I personally love the latter of the two, because if you get stuck on something you have a room full of fresh eyes who can help you work through it.

2. Volunteer together

Two birds, one stone. Get your QT in and give back to your community at the same time. Build houses together for Habitat for Humanity, walk dogs for the local shelter, or clean up the park down the street. Whatever it is you decide to do, it will definitely bring you all closer together. 

3. Have a throwback slumber party

Go over to someone’s house and party like you did in middle school. Stay up too late watching movies, eat junk food, play with an ouija board, and tell laugh-’til-you-cry stories. The best part is that now, no one’s mom or dad is going to come down the stairs at 3am and tell you to keep it down. 

4. Organize a book club

Pick a book that you’ve all been meaning to read and schedule a book club for two to three weeks in the future. This not only pushes you to actually read the book since you now have a deadline, but as you’re reading the exciting parts you can look forward to talking about it with your crew.

5. Start a supper club

Every month or two, a different person hosts dinner at their house. There are a million different ways you could personalize this idea and make it fun. You could do it casual potluck style, a fancy six-course meal, or order some pizzas and pick up a case of beer. Do what works for you. (My favorite? The all appetizers meal.)

6. Go on a day trip

One of my favorite things to do with my friends is our annual trip to Salem, MA. Getting outside of your normal element and exploring a new place together will always leave you with a bunch of new memories and a face that hurts too much from smiling. On our Salem trip this year it was pouring rain all day long, but we still had a blast.

At the end of the day, what you do doesn’t matter; it’s all about being together with the women who inspire and uplift you. But trying something new can take your friendships to a different place and make you appreciate each other in a way you never even thought of before.

Stephanie was born in Texas but raised in Providence since the age of two. After graduating from Rhode Island College in 2008 she began working in human services as a vocational coach for special needs high school students. Wanting to pursue her love of writing as a career, Stephanie earned her Master's Degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University in 2016. She currently works as a freelance writer, editor, blogger, and social media consultant. In addition to writing, she is an expert in Providence restaurants, impractical trivia, and finding a parking spot downtown. Her dream is to write a script that gets made into a movie or Netflix show. 

Photo from Death To The Stock Photo