SAN Lady Project Kicks Off with Booze and Books

For those of you who don't know...I'm new to San Diego, originally hailing from Chicago. It's a city I love (hell, it's the setting for my juicy memoir, Eightysixed) and not just because of the phenomenal shopping and pizza. I love Chicago because I spent my whole life hustling to make it there. I got my first "big girl" job in the Windy City, wrote the book everyone was reading on the train and nabbed a Michigan Avenue address to complete the dream.

But all that changed when my husband got offered a killer job in San Diego back in July as the Creative Director at an agency in town. So we picked up and moved and all I could think was, "I just committed career suicide."


Moving to a laid-back town thousands of miles away with not so much as a distant third cousin to help unpack our trailer was nothing short of terrifying. But when I met Stephanie Issa, the City Manager of the SAN Lady Project, I knew things were about to change. She invited me to be a speaker at the SAN Lady Project official launch event at The Rose Wine Bar + Bottle Shop

...and my immediate response was: "Yes, please." Not only would the opportunity come with a free drink and Sugar Mamma Caramels, it would be an awesome way to meet 60 other like-minded lady-bosses just like me.

Speaking of lady-bosses, my fellow speakers were Stephanie Frasco of Convert with Content and Krista Patterson of Discover the Glow.  Both of these women are wildly successful and super inspiring. Krista was actually the first to corner me to buy a copy of Eightysixed, setting the trend for 20 other attendees to do the same (thank you!).


All in all, the night was a roaring success full of lots of laughs, business cards, and bubbles. Beyond just feeling welcomed and excited, I'm proud to report that I've even set up future plans with several of the attendees who I hope to become close friends with in the future (ps: if we missed each other, I like cupcakes and sushi - let's hang!).

Thank you so much for having me, I cannot wait to see what is in store next for this chapter.

Emily Belden is the best-selling author of Eightysixed, a modern take on finding true love in the big city. She currently lives in San Diego with her husband and two rescue pitbulls.