Salary Negotiation With BOS Lady Project + AAUW Work Smart Boston

On October 12, BOS Lady Project partnered with AAUW Work Smart and General Assembly to host a salary negotiation workshop. Approximately 55 ladies gathered at General Assembly to discuss pay equity, practice negotiation strategies, and become empowered to close the gender wage gap.

The interactive workshop was facilitated by MJ and Holly, two Boston ladies who were inspired to become workshop facilitators after attending an AAUW Work Smart workshop last year. MJ and Holly covered the 4 steps of negotiation: knowing your value, identifying a target salary and benefits package, knowing your strategy, andmost importantlypractice, practice, practice! At the end of the night, participants walked out feeling empowered to negotiate for more, whether at a new job or in seeking a raise or promotion.

Another takeaway? Each lady left with a workbook packed with resources: sample language for your salary pitch, persuasive responses and tips on responding to different scenarios, and more! A BOS Lady Project member shared that after attending an AAUW workshop earlier this year, she was able to confidently negotiate a starting salary for $7 more an hour than initially offered. How did she do it? Research, practice, and at times, literally reading from the workbook!

Feeling some #worksmart FOMO? Mayor Martin J. Walsh, the Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement, and AAUW have joined forces in an initiative to make Boston the first city to close the gender wage gap. The goal is to reach 85,000 women in the next five years—at least half of Boston’s working women. Be on the lookout for more of these trainings by AAUW, and bring a lady friend, mentor, or colleague along!