Reset Your Mindset // Knowing When It Is Time To Change


I am the master of knowing when I need to start over, especially in my career. I realize that this particular job does not meet my career needs, or I feel as though I am not being paid what I'm worth and I put my two weeks in and I bounce. On to the next job where inevitably the same cycle occurs. During my last ride on the merry go round, I dug deep and realized that I end up in the same situations because I am still in the same headspace. You are not going to see a change until you make a change within yourself. 

One must proactively decide that they are going to do things differently and set a plan in action. It will undoubtedly be difficult, as you are stepping out of your normal routine to embark on this journey to (insert goal to be crushed here). The epiphany started out just about my career but as the year slowly dwindled towards its completion I realized that the same sentiments applied to my health, mentally and physically, as well as some of my relationships. I was unhappy with the way things were going and for me. 2018 is all about making a change. I will become a Phoenix rising from the ashes of my old mindset ready to start a new with an open mind, a open heart and an optimistic first foot forward into the new year.