Post Summit Withdrawal Instructions


It's been one week since 300 women convened for the 4th annual Lady Project Summit.


And just in case you were one of those women, this weekend vs last weekend may be a tad different.  I don't know about you, but my last weekend was vibrantly exciting and filled with inspiration -- meeting incredible woman after incredible woman after incredible woman -- being moved to tears hearing personal stories -- feeling the support to be myself and follow my dreams -- I'm telling you, VIBRANT.  This weekend my plans include doing laundry, buying groceries so I stop eating the cheese I'm afraid is going bad in my fridge and maybe if I'm super ambitious, shaving my legs. The shaving is a hard maybe.

So, better? worse? uhhhhh ... Let's just say the two weekends have a different vibe.

It can be tricky post super inspirational awesome conferences / meetings / workshops / other Lady Project events -- you know, transitioning back into your real life and world without losing the magic of those moments.

But hey, we have some tips!

POST - SUMMIT INSTRUCTIONS (to be followed loosely and independently)

1. Integrate It

Summit day packs a LOT of information, experience and moments into the span of one day.  Take your time to let it soak in.  The morning after a Summit I always wake up ready to TAKE ON THE WORLD ... but it's in the quiet moments of the upcoming weeks that the key moments/lessons from the Summit really sink in.  It may have been a convo you had with a stranger over delicious New Harvest coffee during morning check in or a specific workshop that left your insides singing with excitement ... whatever it may be, allow those "aha!" moments or connecting experiences to sink in and integrate.

How to do it: journal / read the best tweets of the day / take a look back over notes you made / make new notes / reflect on when you felt the best during the day / reflect on when you felt the worst during the day / find + follow the woman(s) that impacted you the most on social media / got get a massage at Harmony on Hope / schedule some alone time to meditate on it (maybe with the Curious Nature Apothecary's foot bath found in your goodie bag!).

2. Use It

As all that information + inspiration starts to seep in -- begin to incorporate it! I've had moments at previous Summits that have been so awesomely - revolutionary, but then I realize that some time later, I forgot to actually bring that revolution into my everyday life.  Connect the dots.  Integrate these new ways of doing / seeing / being into your everyday.  Trust us, we know it can be easy to slip back into the usual routines -- but the energy + inspiration of the Summit can trickle down and add practical changes to your life that give you a boost!  So while step 1 (integrate) is all about the feeling -- this step is more about the doing.

How to do it: set intentions / make little goals / make big goals / tell people about your goals / start using Mailchimp! / read + soak in the books, blogs, etc of our featured keynotes + workshop leaders/ try a new routine.

3. Reach Out

I may be biased but the best part of the Summit for me is the other women attending the Summit.  Each year - I'm blown away by the creativity, passion and kindness of these other 299+ women.  Post summit, I'm back alone at my home office, plugging away on my business while trying to avoid the temptations of things like unnecessary Facebook quizzes and reruns of 30 Rock on Netflix.  But just like last Saturday showed me -- I'm not the only one out there!  So hey, reach out to someone you met at the Summit!  Maybe you start a small business mastermind group that meets once a week or maybe you just find someone that is up for hanging out and drinking wine and watching those reruns I previously mentioned.

Not only is it pretty impossible to go at it all alone -- it's not that fun.  So -- go through the stack of business cards you collected or join the Lady Project and post a courageous "I'm here!" post in the private Facebook group and connect!  We promise -- it's where all the real magic happens.

How to do it: send an email to someone you connected with / schedule a coffee date / invite people on a creative collaboration / tweet at someone (hey! it works!) / come clean about your women crushes.

BONUS STEP (that we especially love) -- 4. Share It!

We want to hear from you what you loved about the 4th Annual Lady Project Summit!  And -- all your friends + family totally want to hear about it too. (ok, the first sentence might be a tad more true.)

But seriously -- if attending had a positive impact on you, then we're guessing that there's other women in your life that could benefit from becoming involved with The Lady Project.

While headquarters are in PVD -- remember, we're about to hit 20+ city chapters this year and each city has regular events that inspire, connect and showcase amazing women doing awesome things.

As always -- find more information here!

Photo by Hanna Furey Photography