Overcoming The Panic of Success // Leap Into Greatness with Megan McAvoy and BLD Lady Project

On September 14, the Boulder Lady Project met at Galvanize Boulder with Megan of Megan McAvoy Coaching for a Leap Into Greatness Workshop. After mingling around a table filled with Quinn Snacks popcorn and pretzels, we began an exercise in celebrating our success. 

Our successes - as singers and film producers, video game designers and college students, daughters and partners, lady bosses and corporate ladder climbers - were listed with an honesty and a humbleness that was truly moving. 

Let me tell you, I was sitting in a group of insanely, wonderfully, incredibly amazing women. There were many success stories. But…

But what about the insane fear that accompanies success? As we shared our successes, we all had moments of doubt and anxiety. We fell in love! But what if they stop loving us one day? We’re hired at a great new company! But will we eventually be laid off? We’re pregnant! But will we have to make sacrifices as we learn the joys of being a new parent? Can we really have it all, or is it too good to last?

The truth is - these negative thoughts that drive us to resist change are a survival mechanism. Our brains tell us that keeping the status quo is safe. Don’t try that new food! Don’t leave home! Don’t quit your safe, boring job! Don’t you dare!

Stress and fear have kept humans alive for hundreds of thousands of years. As we sat around a conference table being vulnerable adrenaline pumped through our veins, moving some to tears and others to nervous laughter. When we make a big change in our life, negative thoughts float into our head unbidden, while praise and positive thinking take conscious effort. Megan helped us to continue to breathe deeply and to honor the dual emotions of Leaping into Greatness. The fear and pride. The anxiety and hope. 

Our brains are trying to help us to survive. But we no longer need to worry about survival – we need to focus on how to live. 

So there we were. Realizing that Leaping into Greatness requires overcoming a hardwired sense of panic. Thankfully, we ended with 10 minutes of guided meditation. Megan took us on a hike, pausing at a beautiful lake before reaching the summit. We carried our fears to the mountaintop – and chucked them into thin air. By the time we opened our eyes we were peaceful. The meditation wasn’t easy. At first, Megan says, meditation is a waterfall. You are suddenly flooded with a million thoughts as you try to quiet your brain! Yet it is truly amazing what 10 minutes of introspection a day can do for you. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

As Lady Project members, we refuse to stop leaping into our greatness. Where would we be without the women that jump into being a lady boss, take the risk of starting a new relationship, and dare to pursue the things they want most in life? Probably in a world we wouldn’t want to live in!

Today, the BLD Lady Project challenges you to honor the difficulty of Leaping into Your Greatness. Celebrate your success, and meditate on the things that are making you anxious – then chuck ‘em. Hurl them into the abyss, wipe your hands, and push forward into your next great moment!

About Megan McAvoy:

Megan McAvoy, President of Megan McAvoy Coaching, LLC, inspires and impacts successful women in business to achieve personal wellbeing, business freedom, and financial security so that they may have everlasting fulfillment. Megan coaches successful women across the country through her signature program: “Do What Matters Most: For Woman Professionals and Entrepreneurs ~ A Self-Development Coaching Program with Ease, Clarity, and Fulfillment.”

Megan is a national speaker, Huffington Post blogger, and a certified Yoga Teacher. Prior to launching her coaching business, Megan spent over a decade in personal finance and built a national client base of female entrepreneurs. She is the Founder of Women’s Peak Performance Partnership in Boulder, CO where she uses her leadership talents to bring a community of women together.