My Self Education Journey

It can be a daunting time when you leave academia for the real world. I was force-fed formal education from age 5 straight through 25. It’s a system I came to know very closely. I knew how to succeed at that game, and I knew what people expected of me. However, that’s not the case since leaving school for the working world.

As the workforce becomes more competitive, and as industries and markets change more rapidly, you can’t rest on your laurels of formal education for the rest of your career. Sooner or later (sooner!) you will need to pursue your own learning. 

In my own pursuit of knowledge, I’ve read hundreds of books, attended tons of workshops, and connected with loads of people. These are some of the best things I’ve picked up along the way:

Best book (business):

Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni. There are so many books I could have listed in this category, but this book illustrates all the best points in one. It’s a must read for any coach, consultant, sales rep, or person in business.

Best book (self-development):

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. Her persistent message of “try, fail, and try again” is wrapped up with her southern charm, vast research, and anecdotal stories of vulnerability and taking chances. Read this and apply it to everything!

Best workshop:

I did a two-year (on weekends) training on Core Energetics by Dr. Karyne Wilner. I signed up for it on a whim, not really knowing what I was signing up for. I left with a brand new version of myself. I bared parts of myself I didn’t know were there. I got so damn comfortable with who I am. I left go of who I’m not. I know my obstacles, fears, and what holds me back. I love my parents more and understand who they’re not. Don’t have two years? Take a weekend workshop in getting acquainted with your true self. You won’t regret it. 

Best tip:

Manage your consumption vs. creation ratio. It’s easy to sit back and read self-development books all day. It’s harder to create something. Make sure you’re doing both. I remember that feeling when I’d finished a self-help book - the discomfort of needing to take action. I’ve definitely avoided that feeling by starting another self-help book, and not implementing all I had learned. Or even just some of it. The wisdom imparted by the books will be lost if you’re not also creating your own work and taking action. This works because you will learn even more from the actions you took. 

Best mantra:

“You get what you tolerate.” - Tony Robbins 

If you want more from your life - from your career, relationship, kids, gym, dog, food, house, leaders, politicians - STOP tolerating the status quo. Pursue your big questions, find the resources to guide you, and create better solutions.

Brittany Drozd works with business owners and leaders to create the solutions they need - for their lives, their businesses, and their legacy. You can find Brittany on the water kitesurfing or in the cafe reading on her days off. Brittany lives in Providence, RI with her husband and baby girl. Visit for info on how to work with Brittany and subscribe to her weekly videos.