Music Guaranteed To Bring More Joy Into Your Life


Turns out, music and joy are linked. Countless studies have determined that whether it’s going to a concert, breaking out your best dance moves alone in a crowded bar (is that just me?), or belting out lyrics in the car, music is tied to emotional well-being.

Well, duh.

When I’m actively looking to add more joy to my life, I tend to listen to the sounds of the ocean. Something about it soothes me. But I’ve also been known to attend a concert or twenty recently. In fact, I took immense pride in being told by the man behind me, at the end of the last Billy Joel show I was at, “No one here had more fun than you.”

Hell. Yes.

Which is why it makes sense that as I was reading an article about Shania Twain's come back, I was filled with joy. I found myself remembering being under 10-years old, watching the music video from That Don't Impress Me Much over and over... and over... again on VH1. And I got to thinking about how all music is such a source of joy and happiness.

I used to sit there singing the words, imagining I was right there in the desert with Shania, sassing off the world in my own matching leopard jumpsuit.

So I asked members of the Lady Project, what songs bring you joy?

Some of you told me that the music that brings you the most joy doesn’t fit your general taste in music. Some of you sent me songs that have brought you joy for over 20 years. And almost all of you gave me a memory with your song. And that’s so beautiful.

Which is why I made a playlist so the whole world could enjoy, feel joy, and maybe sing a little, dance a lot, and embrace happiness. Because in a world that’s constantly throwing chaos in our faces, we all deserve a playlist of happiness.