Member Spotlight: Lana Rose


Lana Rose

Lady Project Chapter: Seattle

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Tea or Coffee?Tea! My favorites are green & oolong.

I collect...The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery - books in different translations.

Favorite City?I've visited and lived in many cities that I adore, so this is a hard one... but I'm going to have to go with Paris, France. There's just something about being there. Every time I go it's such a warm feeling and I feel very welcomed by the city and people. But! I love all my friends that have become like family to me here in Seattle.

Style Icon?Eugenie Grey aka Feral Creature. One of the bloggers I can't quit! She's one of the few that I can relate to style-wise-- though she's on another level.

Bloom of choice?I'm not much of a flowers girl, but I love plants, cacti and succulents. I'd say, right now, my favorite are air plants since they are delicately beautiful, yet so easy to care for and look awesome in a hanging terrarium.

Favorite Season?Fall. I love layering clothes. It's also the best season for runway fashion!

I'm lusting after...vintage (or vintage-inspired) cross body bags and clutches! The more detailing and/or beading the better...

Most prized possession?I'd have to say a journal my husband picked out for us while we lived in Barcelona. We take turns writing in it every day (but fail terribly) things we appreciate in the other person. It's definitely a bit funny when my turn lands on a day we fought-- it's definitely hard to stay mad after writing in there.

Lady Crush?Amal Clooney. She just seems to have it all together, all while looking stylish.

On weekends, I...take the dog out for a swim, usually. On evenings, I'm probably meeting friends for a bite and a drink. Sundays, I attend church and (try to) do brunch with my ladies. Also, I'm likely working.


What's your background- career, where you grew up, school?I was born in San Francisco, CA, but grew up in a few different cities on both coasts mainly due to my dad’s medical school and residency. I come from a family of doctors and I was always the artist in my family, though we all shared a love for music. Ever since I was little one, I knew I wanted to do something creative when I “grew up”. I modeled during and after university, where I studied psychology at UW. I still have a love for psychology and research, but it’s on the back burner for now. Modeling lead to opportunities in styling photo-shoots, which lead to making one-of-a-kind items for photo-shoots, which lead to where I am today. I have met so many creative and inspiring people through this journey so far, and am continually amazed with the different gifts and talents people have.

What's your biggest success so far?My biggest success was opening my online shop ( For a couple years I ran my business strictly word-of-mouth to my friends, and it was going well. It was mainly a one-of-a-kind and/or custom service. Through much love and encouragement, I was able to develop designs and pieces that I loved, and clients loved, for the online shop. I really owe so much to my friends, family, and supporters that have brought me to where I am today. I'm also very happy that I can donate 10% of the proceeds from Lembas to charity.

What's your favorite thing about being a Lady Project member?I really like how the Lady Project builds community for women. The events I've attended thus far have all been very welcoming and warm where women in various walks of life come together, hang out, and share stories. Having the membership be open to all of its chapters/cities is wonderful because you'll have a community wherever you go!

How are you involved with your community?I am very involved in my community through my church, where we constantly help each other as well as others. Another way is through working with the Lady Project's Seattle chapter as their Social Media Coordinator. I also enjoy helping out at Union Gospel Mission by serving dinner at the shelter with friends. In terms of my business, I give back by donating 10% of proceeds from Lembas to charity.