March Momentum


Napoleon said in Louis de Bourrienne, Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte “There are two levers for moving men: interest and fear.” We are weeks into the month of March and a perfect time to look back on goals made. Ask yourself, “Which lever was used to help you create your goal?” The understanding of that would assist in finding and maintaining momentum. 

We’ve all heard of the “carrot and the stick” theory, however, there are other factors that motivate individuals. For example: incentives, growth, social factors, and/or achievements. In my opinion, once the motive is identified it’s easier to create steps to ensure the goal is achieved. If your motivation is that your friend or family member has that goal, I strongly recommend taking time for yourself to identify why you said yes. 

“Individuality… lies at the root of all progress,” so said by Mohandas K. Gandhi and I couldn’t agree more! The journey to success is different for everyone and sometimes success comes in trial and error. Creating goals that follow the guidelines of Peter Drucker’s management by objectives concept ‘SMART’, increases the chance of being successful and assist in the creation of a defined plan. The letters in the word each represents the suggested criteria to use when creating goals. 

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Relevant
T – Time – Bound

At this point, I am hoping that you’ve identified your motivation and thought or wrote your goal using the ‘SMART’ concept. Now we can delve into different ways to maintain momentum and get excited about the impact on your relationships. It’s time to march to your own beat! 

My goal, as a former pageant winner and model, was to be selected by a designer to showcase their line during Fashion Week in Rhode Island on the runway, after graduating with my master’s degree. My motivation, wanting to improve my runway walk and build my portfolio in the US. Here are some things that I’ve done or could have done to keep up with my goal set. 

1. Create a list of short and long-term goals that would aid in achieving the overall goal. 
2. Use a digital or hard copy calendar to track and note the progress and set reminders when actions are due. 
3. If you are more visual, create a ‘Vision Board’ that’s either hung in a central spot or somewhere that you have easy access too. There are lots of D.I.Y post on creating similar boards. 
4. Post it notes can be very useful as well. 

Admittedly, one tactic may work, or you might realize that you must incorporate a mixture of tactics to maintain momentum and ensure you are on track to accomplish your goal. That is okay! Remember, “Individuality… lies at the root of all progress,” - Mohandas K. Gandhi. Seeing that, what keeps you excited is also going to be individualized. 

Instead of belittling yourself for not achieving your goal or reaching as far as you should, I encourage you to think back on what motivated you in the first place. Take a few steps back and get excited again about what you want to achieve. There’s no rule that say you cannot use hindsight to redefine and reconnect with your motivation. Remember why and envision the outcome and the benefits. 

I mentioned individuality, but I refer to that of one’s motives. If you can find individuals that have the same or similar goals as you, create that support system. Connect and Inspire one another then Showcase the amazing things being done. Often we are quick to highlight our failures, what about highlighting the wins, as small as they may be. This is yet another tactic to maintain momentum and excitement. 

No doubt at this point, you are marching to your own beat. Be excited and bask in your excitement! Your goal may be work or personal related but your organizational skills, dedication, and excitement is going to impact all the relationships you have. Don’t be afraid to press the reset button and create a new beat for you to march too. 

All things considered, Napoleon may have referred to two levers that move men but there are several levers or combination of them that could work. Find what motivates you. Create goals that are SMART. Track your progress, get others involved, celebrate the small wins and know that you have control on how you react to changes in the beat.  

I got discouraged and had to hit the reset button as it related to my goal. Thanks to some of the tactics mentioned above, I did not quit and got asked to model for StyleWeek Northeast February 2018 and Fashion Week RI March 2018, for 7 days with 9 designers. 

March to your own beat! Or in my case, the Runway.