Make Mornings Better!


It’s that time of year again when waking up is hard to do! Who doesn’t want to hit that snooze button, snuggle up with your partner/dog/cat, and forgot all of your responsibilities? Especially when it’s freezing cold and dark outside! Ok, snap back to reality! Of course, that would be great and all, but I know you can’t do that. I used to dread mornings because I always seemed to have terrible ones. When people said they were a “morning person” I just couldn’t understand why someone would choose that or how they did it.

But one day last fall I reached my own breaking point. I had a new business with too much to do, lacked clarity and focus in my work, and was often unhappy at the end of the day. I hated that this had become my reality for two reasons:

  • I had left my previous job because of the workload and colleagues with negative attitudes.
  • I’m a therapist and it’s my mission to help people become their best selves and live a life they love. How can I do that if I’m not living it myself?
  • Something had to change. One thing I noticed was that I was consistently running late in the morning. I thought this might be the culprit that was throwing off my whole day.

By coincidence – or not, if you believe in the energy of attraction  - I came across the book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. He tells the story of his deep depression, losing his business and home, only to turn it all around by switching up his…mornings! Hal suggests that what we do before 8am will determine the rest of our entire day.

This definitely got my attention. Before 8am? I’ve barely done anything! Some days that’s my alarm time. I definitely had some changes to make.

So I took some of what Hal says, and what I know works best for me and my life. Here are some easy steps to create your own miracle morning for the most productive, happiest, and connected days of your life.

  • PMS: Not that kind. Those are the worst mornings! It stands for Prep My Success. To prepare for a successful early wake up call, you need to go to bed early. Set an alarm on your phone for the time you need to get to bed. When it goes off, drop what you’re doing and get to bed! I promise you’ll be way more productive in the morning to finish that task.
  • Earlier Riser: Get up early without hitting the snooze button. Determine the best time for your schedule, between 5-6:30am to get up. This time is based on your work schedule. If you work later, opt for a slightly later wake up time so you can still be focused at work.
  • Make your bed: Even if your partner is still in bed, make it so that you don’t get back in it! You’ll feel accomplished, and it will keep your sanctuary tidy.
  • Review your goals: Have short and long term goals you’re working towards or a vision board? If not, write down 3 goals now. The morning is a great time to review them – quickly look over your goals to stay connected and focused on them. Even if you can’t work on them today, reminding yourself of your goals will help you make decisions aligned with achieving your goals.
  • Meditation: Set your intention for the day. Mediate on what achieving that intention will look like for 5 minutes. PMS by creating reminders of your intention on phone, calendar, desk, and car.
  • Workout in AM: Waitttttt…… Don’t write this idea off yet! Although seemingly dreadful and unnecessarily torturous, a morning workout will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. This can be yoga at home, a run, or an exercise class. As long as you get your blood pumping and heart racing early in the day, you will reap the benefits for hours to come- mental focus, energy, and clarity. You will likely make better food choices too!

All these things together will give you the momentum to seize the day.

Following through on the morning routine will be easier than you think because there are fewer distractions in the morning. And accomplishing things you set out to do feels really good! Surprisingly, we don’t get to bask in this kind of success often enough, so enjoy it!

This routine will boost your confidence- money back guarantee! You will pursue things you didn’t have the courage to before because will you feel better about you!

If the routine outlined above seems too daunting, try making 1-2 changes in your morning before 8am and see what it brings into your life. If you like it, make another change, then another!

And finally, make it your own! It has got to work for you, otherwise you won’t do it. Switch up the times, order, and activities to fit your needs best!

Want to test out my guarantee? Keep a journal of your wake up times, activities, moods, energy, relationships, work achievements to track your progress. This insight will likely encourage you to keep going! And share you success with a fellow Lady!

Brittany Drozd helps success-oriented individuals by offering them strategies, tools, and support to stop living for everyone else so they can live the life they really want with greater clarity, direction and fulfillment. Visit for info on how to work with Brittany.