Lady Project Woman of Style // Jay Davani

Jay and I got to chat for the first time over warm tea at Coffee Exchange last Spring, and realized we had a lot more in common aside from our love for fashion and clothes than the word limit of this post would allow. A social media maven on the New England rise and a lover of all things vintage and antique as the CEO of MINT, Jay has a firm and clear view of where she came from and the direction she is headed. Frustrated by the fact that she could not find clothes to fit and flatter her body type, she turned to vintage clothes and began to grow a penchant and appreciation for the older way of designing and tailoring. As she hunted for and acquired beautiful vintage pieces from across the country, she realized that she had all the ammunition and passion needed to open her own shop.

When you meet Jay, be prepared to be intrigued, inspired, and left with a memorable mark. The latter could be her lady boss character, or wittiness. Or perhaps it is her green satin dress (Anyone remembers the lady in green from the 2015 Lady Project Summit - yes, that was her). Or all of the above!

There is a great balance of sweetness and fierceness to Jay's personality, and her personal style unequivocally mirrors the two.

Please meet THE Jay Davani.

What does style mean to you?

"What style means is unique to each individual. For me it’s how I decide to express who I am to others. It’s an opportunity to show my personality. I believe those with the greatest sense of style have acquired the greatest sense of self. That doesn’t necessarily mean being trendy… it means being true to yourself."

What is your signature style? How did it evolve through out the years?

"High waisted, everything! I’ve had a hard time dressing my body type for as long as I can remember. I was always uncomfortable. Adjusting…Pulling…Tugging…Too short…Too long…Too tight…Too loose…Too ugh! All of the tears. It wasn’t until I discovered vintage clothing after college that I was able to fully embrace my personal style. I discovered that everything was cut differently back then and made to fit a women more like me! High waisted pants, skirts and empire lines are more flattering, and actually fit! Now this trend has resurfaced so I can find this style in more modern pieces. You’ll never find me in anything else. Ever."

Do you have a style muse? Who and why?

"I don't actually have one! My muse is everyone I come in contact with on a daily basis in person or electronically. I take little pieces of everything appealing to me and combine it into my own unique personal style."

What are pieces you can't go without?

"Pleated skirts. Such perfection. I feel like such a lady when wearing one and the fit is quite nice. Totally. In. Love."

What are you splurging on this Fall season?

"I really REALLY want a pair of No. 6 clogs, but it would go against my #1 rule: to never buy anything full price. So I'm trying to find them second hand, which means I have to search high and low, near and far, but I will find you my pretty!"

What is your go-to place for alterations?

"There is a tiny alterations place in Pawtuxet village. It is reasonably priced and their work is flawless."

What is your morning care routine?

"I apply Shiseido face cream every day when I wake up to keep me looking young. Did you know I was 34 years old? Probably not. Thank you Shiseido. Thank you."

What advice can you give to someone who is trying to figure out their style personality?

"Stop looking at everyone else! Who are you? This is where you start of find your answer."

Jay's journey started in Tehran, Iran where she was born—then raised in the bluegrass of Lexington, KY. She studied in the heat of Atlanta, GA, and is currently residing the renaissance city of Providence, RI.

Jay has an eye to re-purpose objects of the past, the ability to wheel and deal like a boss; the skill to find current fashion trends in vintage threads, and all for mere pennies allowing her to live like a shah of sunset. She never pays full ticket price for anything! She has also been working in the corporate event planning + design field for over a decade, coordinating a variety of academic, weddings, fundraisers, and social events as well as feeding her passion in print + web design.

You may follow her on social media at @thejaydavani and @mintonbroadway!

If you know someone with style chops, and who is doing pretty awesome things, and ought to be featured on the Lady Project blog, I want to hear from you! Please email me at

Photography: Brittanny Taylor