LP Book Review // Stress Less by Kate Hanley

"Stop Stressing. Start Living". The front cover of Kate Hanley's Stress Less - 100 Mindfulness Exercises for Calmness and Clarity immediately embraces you with a calming blue shade and its buoyant title. The goal of the book is clear and its message is straightforward and easy to embrace. Everyone encounters moments of stress throughout the day, wouldn't it be nice if we had the tools to handle it gracefully?

Stress Less is a guide comprised of 100 stress reducing techniques that can help center your thoughts, identify what your stressors are, and find your best method of dealing with stress. Each page has a stress relieving technique with a simple and clear instruction related to finding mental or physical calm. The techniques are paired with apropos quotes that often bring your current moment into focus. My current favorite is Number 43. Try A Little Kitchen Yoga, which suggests a gentle forward stretch against your kitchen counter as a way to spend some meaningful time while your coffee brews and your toast toasts. 

The concise nature of each page lends itself well to reading a few pages daily and practicing or remembering those techniques throughout the day.  For the same reason, Stress Less is incredibly convenient to pick up in a moment of worry when you need some on the spot coping techniques. In the past month, I have found myself picking a page in the morning to ruminate on for the day, and also flipping through in moments where I feel overwhelmed and need a healthy distraction.

Reading Kate Hanley's Stress Less introduces you to productive ways of managing stress while providing a little insight through well-chosen quotes. It would make a great gift for a mother in your life or a perfect addition to your personal library or desk at work.