Letter From The Editor // Family


This Thanksgiving, I brought my boyfriend to meet my family. I broke the news to my mother that I had a boyfriend the night before. We were both nervous for our own respective reasons. This was the first time I brought someone to meet my family in a long time. I don’t share my personal life much with my family so to have them meet my boyfriend is a really big deal. He not only met my family that day but he met two of my best friends’ families that day too. If you happen to know these two ladies then you know how close we are. I talk to them more than my biological family. I’ve gotten to know their families throughout the years so it was nice to be able to introduce my boyfriend to them as well.

As someone who isn’t terribly close to my biological family, my friends have become my chosen family. I’ve been selective about who gets into my circle. I’ve been burned in the past. I ride or die for my friends so I want to make sure these people are worth it. Someone once told that all my friends were awesome. That person was right. We should all be protective of ourselves and have people in our lives who lift us up and bring light into our lives. I only have time for people who are supportive and are pushing me to be a better person because I’m going to do the same for them. 

I consider myself an independent person but my family has supported me in ways I never thought was possible. When I had to leave my apartment in New York because I was leaving an abusive relationship, my aunt drove a U Haul to the city to help me move. A year ago I suddenly quit a job that was slowly destroying my spirit. One of my best friend's immediately came to be by my side as I cried hysterically on my bed. My boyfriend has challenged and motivated me and has got me thinking about our own family someday, and if you've read my Letter From The Editor for Motherhood, you know my thoughts on being a mother. These people have made me a better person, and I would be nothing without them.

This month on the blog we will be talking about families, the ones we were born into and the ones we created ourselves. We will also be sharing segments from The Lady Project 2017 Holiday Gift Guide so I hope you follow along this month and enjoy!

Brittanny Taylor