Learn to Welcome Failure


Failure is feedback. Failure helps guide us in the direction of success. Failure comes before success in the dictionary and in reality. -Andrea C. Imafidon

Many of us have a fear of failing. We fail to realize that we fail at something everyday. Some of us are so afraid of failing that we don’t take the necessary risk and get out our comfort zones. We shrink our greatness by not welcoming and accepting failure. Don’t look at failure as a defeat, look at failure as an opportunity filled with lessons on what not to do again. Failure teaches us lessons to not only help ourselves, but to help others  going through the same experience.

Great things will come out of failure if you look at it from a positive point of view. For example: Think of a failed romantic relationship that ended. Yes, you may have thought of that person as a soulmate and “The One,” but you were miserable, unhappy, and co-existing in an unhealthy relationship. You compromised your non-negotiables to be with someone who didn’t reciprocate the same attitude and behavior. Yes, the relationship might have failed, but you are not a failure. You’ve probably learned valuable lessons by welcoming the failed relationship and eventually accepting that the relationship have ended.

Failure is welcoming because you can bounce from failure. Failure doesn’t mean death. Failure is the end of that chapter or season within your life. When we are not welcoming failure, we don’t know how to move from Point A to Point B. When we don’t welcome fear we limit our life’s progression and miss out on some amazing opportunities. 

Failure keeps you on your toes. Failure provides you valuable life lessons to become successful in future opportunities. Failure help you become resilient and recognize when it is time to move forward from a situation that is no longer serving our passion and purpose.

Everybody fails at something. Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He failed to make his high school basketball team the first time he tried out. He didn’t allow this failed attempt to stunt his greatness. I am sure he was hurt and embarrassed, but he was determined to be the best. Failure can be embarrassing but everybody fails at something whether it is a relationship, a math problem, following traffic rules or at business. As long as you live, you will fail at something. Process and learn from the failure and move forward to success.

If you don’t try, you already failed. If you are comfortable in your comfort zone, now is the time to develop a game plan. Now is the time to goal set your way to success. If you don’t try anything new, you are not welcoming failure, you are dodging failure and success. How do you know if you will succeed or fail if you don’t try. Get out your way and welcome failure.

Don’t allow fear to paralyze your life’s vision and passion. Welcome fear by giving yourself permission to be imperfect. Welcoming fear is important to realize that we always have a choice: we can choose to be afraid, or we can choose not to be.

Andrea C. Imafidon is the brain child and life coach of Brown Girl From Boston, a personal development and coaching blog that educate, encourage and empower the overachiever and overqualified women of ethnic diversity everywhere to live life to the fullest, on purpose and fearlessly. Andrea is a Brown Girl From Boston who currently resides in Providence, RI with her husband and her furry cat son, Chai. She is a member of National Coalition of 100 Black Women: Rhode Island Chapter and a member of Girl Scouts of USA. When Andrea isn't coaching she truly enjoys her downtime. In her spare time, she coordinates and facilitate networking and group coaching events for women. Andrea is a lover of life, she love and appreciate her supportive village of friends and family. Andrea is a music maven, Hip Hop Brainiac, Boston sports fanatic, enjoys sleep, travel, fashion, food and fitness!