Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts To Give To Fathers

It’s days before Father’s Day, and while you love and appreciate the important men in your life, you’re just realizing that you completely forgot to get them a present to celebrate the role they play in your life.

Whatever you do, don’t put any pressure on yourself to obtain the “perfect” present, especially if you’re in a time crunch. You know what’s perfect? Taking a moment to show your appreciation with a simple “Thank you” and a nice, long hug. However, if you want to spoil the gentlemen in your life with presents, this is where to start.

To Your Brother

Okay, so your siblings aren’t the first people you think of when it comes to Father’s Day presents, but they did help produce those adorable, little nieces and nephews of yours, and that deserves celebrating.

To honor your brother, frame a picture of his children that you took during the past year. Bonus points if you can track down a photo that he was in, too.

To Your Grandfather

Your grandfather has every material thing he needs. What he wants is more time with you. If you live close, pay him a visit. Pick up his favorite donuts and clear your schedule so nothing is else is vying for your attention. 

If he’s far away, channel your inner elementary school student, and draw your own handmade card for him. Send it in priority mail so you’re sure he gets it on time.

To Your Own Father

You may be all grown up, but that doesn’t mean you’re not still daddy’s little girl. Well, at least in his eyes. Your father has watched you grow from a small infant who needed him for everything into a confident, independent woman who runs her own world.

When you’re running late on getting Father’s Day gifts, but still want to honor your dad, take the time to write him a letter or make a list of the important life lessons you’ve learned from him. Don’t just jot down a few easy thoughts either. You may be cutting it close with time, but there’s years worth of memories to remind him of.

To Your Significant Other

Whether he helped you create your children or chose to raise them like his own, your partner deserves recognition on Father’s Day. However, as busy parents, it can sometimes be hard to remember gift giving. Don’t worry, there are lots of last minute gifts that are perfect to show gratitude.

Do you have a local baseball team you can buy a family pack of tickets to go see? How about an afternoon of mini golf and lunch with the family? If money is tight, pack a picnic and bring it to the local park. When the children go to sleep, sit back and enjoy the quiet time together over a drink, or ice cream, while binging on the DVR’d episodes of your favorite television show.

From Your Children to Their Father

If you’re someone who loves tradition, have your children complete a mad-libs style questionnaire about their father they can answer year after year. Then, put it in a scrapbook along with some recent pictures and a tracing of their hand as it grows throughout the years.

For moms with older children, consider allowing them to take the reigns of gift giving. Set a budget and take them to the store so they can pick out their own gift. 

Remember, just because it’s last minute doesn’t mean it can’t be special. Show that you care and you’ll make their day special.