Lady Project Woman of Style // Brianna Tran

When we met Brianna, we fell in love with her personality and her genuine character, including her graceful approach to networking. Networking can be intimidating to many, however this lady got a few things figured out and style is part of it.


What does style mean to you?

To me, style is the most quintessential form of self-expression. Something that is wholly your own and is also nuanced and ineffable. You can wear the exact same outfit as someone else but it comes down to the confidence and aura that you wear it with and no one can steal that from you.

I live my life based on the 12x12x12 rule. The first three things people notice about you are: 1) how you dress and carry yourself; 2) personal hygiene (always gotta have those nails on fleek!); 3) the first 12 words you say, or how you choose to introduce yourself. So style, for me, is about sending a message. Without ever having a conversation with someone, I want to be able to convey that I am strong, confident, and capable.

What defines your signature style?

My signature style can best be described as "young Hillary Clinton". It involves a lot of blazers and power jackets and turtlenecks but never together. There is a certain powerful energy I feel from her that I strive to emanate. I also love jumpsuits and dresses; they make me look so put together despite not being able to match two different articles of clothing.

I'm out of my apartment by 7:30 am and generally not back until 10 or 11 pm so I need something that is going to carry me through the day. I need to look professional at my internship, trendy and hip at the nail salon, and then I want to look fun when I'm out.

I go to a lot of networking events, too, and I like to wear something that can help break the ice. Accosting a stranger can be scary and people look for an "in". A lot of times it's my pink glasses or my LOLA earrings from Art of Fate (they're little mirrors on your ears!!).

Where do you like to shop?

I shop where everyone else shops. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, H&M, DSW, Ann Taylor, Loft, NY&CO, R.I.P. The Limited. And I always go straight for the clearance rack. Balling on a budget as most of us are these days. The trick is to take pieces that everyone has access to and making it personal to your own style.

What are you splurging on this spring season?

I need a spring coat and I want it in Millennial Pink. New England weather is fickle so I need cute outerwear in the event that it is too cold to show off my outfit.

What is your go-to job interview outfit?

A fellow WOC in business, Adebisi Adebowale, once told me how important it was to wear heels and dresses to emphasize our femininity and strength. Too often, we are the only women in the room. It is important to remind people of that lest they forget. But of course, we have to keep it demure. So I usually go with a simple dress, nude heels, and a blazer.

You will be graduating next year, where do you see your career journey going? How will your style evolve?

I'll be graduating from Year Up in August and I have no idea where my career will go from there. I find supply chain management fascinating but I've always been interested in politics. I probably will keep doing nails, too, because I love it and can't see myself giving it up anytime soon. In that same vain, I can't predict how my style will evolve either. Follow me on Instagram @dragonkisses to find out!

Brianna Tran is a 21-year-old intern at Hasbro through Year Up and a nail technician at Foxie Nails. She moved back to Providence a year ago because there is no other place she would rather be.

Photography: Brittanny Taylor