Lady Project Woman of Style // Bethany Everett

Bethany Everett is THE ultimate girl-next-door. She is smart, has an endearing sense of humor, beyond approachable, and truly a fun person to be around with. As a blogger, she knows what works for her and has unlocked the key to authenticity by letting her minimalist style speak for itself. With each of her posts, her genuine personality shines through from talking about her love for Fantasy Football to highlighting fun spots for tasty snacks in Boston where she resides.

Get to know her a little bit here as our January Woman of Style, and then meet her in person at the 2017 Lady Project Summit in March as she joins a panel of other inspiring bloggers!

Describe your professional brand in three words.

Fun. Effortless. Real.

What does personal style mean to you?

For me, personal style is a way to express yourself to others. First impressions can be made within mere moments of meeting someone. I like to think that my style reflects my personality.

What defines your signature style? And, how did it evolve?

My signature style is definitely casual, yet chic. I've always felt that way, but over time what I mean by that has changed. My look now is much more put together, yet more effortlessly so.

Can we go back in time just for a little bit and talk about your past style, was there a trend that you regret following?

There wasn't so much a trend that I regret following, so much as things I regret buying. I love a good sale, but that should not be the only reason you buy something. Same goes for buying something just because of the brand name. If you don't love it in the store (and I do mean on you, because you should always try everything on), then chances are you won't wear it.

I live in jeans and I noticed that you do too, what is your favorite denim brand? And what is your favorite way to style your denim?

I may be a little biased (because I work there) but Madewell jeans are without a doubt my favorite! The 10" high rise with pockets that literally help suck you in? Perfection! Styling my denim is fun no matter the vibe. My absolute favorite is with a tee or knit top and adding some kind of third piece like a jean jacket or fur vest.

Where do you like to shop?

As stylish as I try to be, I am not big on a lot of trends. I gravitate towards shops that carry tons of basics. If they are local, sustainable, or ethically made, even better!

Did you splurge on anything fun this winter season?

I hate that feeling of, 'I have nothing to wear'. Instead of splurging on one really expensive piece this winter, I invested in wardrobe staples. Although I did get a suede moto jacket that was on the pricey side, I've already worn it a ton, so it was very well worth it.

I remember the time when you wrote about your experience with capsule wardrobe, is that a system that worked for you? What aspect did you like/didn't like?

My capsule wardrobe experience was not the best. I love shopping and having tons of options, so limited myself to just 30 items was really hard. I liked being able to get dressed quickly, but I became bored very easily. That being said, it's not something that I've written off quite yet...

Tell us about Twenty Something Plus and what we can expect this year from your work as a blogger.

Twenty Something Plus, like my personal style, is constantly evolving. This year, I really want to streamline things so that you know what you're getting with me. As a blogger, you can expect me to be putting myself out there a lot more, both on the blog and by connecting face to face at conferences.

How can people connect with you on social media?

The best way to connect with me on social is without a doubt via Instagram. Follow me @twentysomethingplus.