Lady Project Woman of Style // Ashley Erling

Every Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 10 am, Ashley Erling makes magic happen as The Rhode Show Executive Producer for Channel 12.

As charismatic and stylish as she is, most of her work happens behind the scenes, which is why we are turning the spotlight back on her and get to know her a little bit more as this month’s Lady Project Woman of Style!

What does style mean to you, in both your personal and professional life?

I've always gravitated to the phrase "style is a way of life". I think it goes far beyond what you're wearing, but encompasses who you are as a person and how you live.

Describe your personal style

Classic with an edge. I like to buy things that will last throughout numerous seasons, but then get some fun "on trend" pieces seasonally to supplement my more basic pieces.

Where do you like to shop?

Everywhere! LOL. I am a bargain shopper at heart. I was raised on TJ Maxx, so that's always a go-to for me. Nordstrom and Zara are a couple other favorite stores, and I try to shop small and support local designers whenever I can! Calico, Nude, and Shoppe Pioneer are fabulous local stores. I also really enjoy fashion blogs and following their Instagram accounts for inspiration.

You feel most creative when you're wearing…

Something put together. Whether that's a pair of jeans and a motorcycle jacket (one of my fave combos!) or a flirty skirt with great heels… It's feeling like an outfit really came together, that gives me confidence and freedom.

Tell us 3 ways to have a great camera presence

Be yourself. Don't overthink it. Act as if the cameras aren't there.

What are the colors that work best on camera and the ones to avoid?

Bright colors always do well on TV- they "pop" as we say. Avoid really busy, small patterns. They don't show up well, and people end up looking at them like a "magic eye" poster trying to discover the hidden picture. Remember those?

The question you get asked the most when people find out what you do...

I usually get "Wow, that's so cool!", and they're right… It is! I am so happy to have the job I do, but make no mistake about it, I worked for it!

What's the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Connecting with people. Maybe it's a segment that I'm proud of and excited for RIers to see, or a client that is really pleased, or just meeting new people through stories and having genuine conversations and connections with them- that's what it's all about!

Your favorite spot for Happy Hour is...

Well, my happy hour starts at 3pm (morning TV schedule!), so anywhere that is open that early! Capital Grille has a great bar, drinks, and apps! Circe is another fun spot for cocktails. Of course, my couch on a Friday night is never out of the question either!

How can people connect with you on social media?

It’s @aerling on both Twitter & Insta - I find those to be the best sites to connect with people socially.

Ashley Erling began by pulling the lottery numbers in college on WPRI 12 which led to an internship at the station. After graduating from RWU, WPRI hired her as a part-time associate producer, then a full-time news producer. In 2009 she helped create "The Rhode Show", where she started as the producer and ultimately became the executive producer. Or as Drake puts it, she "started from the bottom now we're here".

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Photography: Brittanny Taylor