Lady Project Summer Style


Where do girls go when they need help putting an outfit together?  First stop is Google, where they will find limitless fashion blogs.  Second stop?  Youtube.  Most people don't know that YouTube is the second most used search engine.  It's a lot easier to watch a video of a person doing what you need help with than reading and looking at photos.

The fashion and beauty community on YouTube has thousands of girls uploading videos daily, all showcasing their personal style.  The problem is you can easily end up subscribed to hundreds of people, but only end up watching a handful because it can get overwhelming.  You can fall into only watching a specific type of girl, someone maybe who looks like you, or dresses like you, but what about if you don't find someone to identify with?  What then?

What I want to create is a one stop shop for girls to get fashion and styling inspiration from all different types of women in one video.  All body types, all heights, and all sizes.  I think it is important to see the same type of clothing worn by all types of women in one video to show that fashionable clothing is not just for the tall, thin, and rich.  We can all look like a million bucks.

Each month's video will revolve around one specific article of clothing, one that may be a little difficult to style.  Why? Some girls stay away from certain styles or trends because they think "it's not for me" or "I could never look good in that."  I want girls to know that they can wear whatever they want, and look amazing doing it.

I want to show that no matter your body type, you can look awesome in what you’re wearing. I want to promote confidence in young girls. I want them to know that they don’t have to change themselves because they don’t match what they see in advertising or on TV.

If you are a woman or identify as a woman and you have awesome personal style, I would love for you to be involved. Email me at for more information.