Journaling Into The New Year

Personal journaling is a creative outlet that serves countless purposes that vary based on your goals and lifestyle. Whether you are new to journaling or have a stack of well-worn journals on your bookshelf, January is the perfect time to consider the way you take note of your life. There are countless ways to journal, there are no set rules telling you when or what to write, and depending on your style your entries can become invaluable to your mental clarity.

Recently Bullet Journaling has taken the internet and physical world by storm, it’s a shorthand way of planning your day and making notations. Bullet Journaling is a simple way to stay on top of your schedule and potentially look back at the structure of your days. If you want to simplify things further there are One Line A Day journals, this journal asks for but one line about each day. This is a cute, succinct way to remember the most notable thing about a day and some people choose to use this in conjunction with a traditional long-form journal. I prefer a simple lined journal. I have used everything from slim Moleskines to beautifully illustrated notebooks that were gifted to me by friends. No matter what you are writing in, it is all about what you are comfortable with and excited about.

The absence of rules is a beautiful thing about journaling, you choose the purpose of your journal and how often you would like to update it. I try to write, at a minimum, at least once a week, with three or four times a week being the ultimate goal. You may want to write every day for posterity or to hone your writing skills. In that case, you could set a daily reminder to write on your phone to give you the little nudge you sometimes need. If you use your journal to track specific habits or emotions, try picking a compact size and keeping it with you to write whenever the need strikes. Have an honest conversation with yourself about your reasons for journaling and your expectations of writing frequency, let that work as a starting point and grow your journaling habits from there.

Journaling can give you an emotional or creative outlet with which to express your feelings. It can be a recap of each day or major event in your life, or a space to write poems and plans for the future. As you continue journaling, your past entries can serve as an insight into past selves and experiences. The purpose and style of your journal will grow and change with you in the new year, enjoy this rewarding hobby and discover what it can bring to your life!

Bethany Caliaro is a recent Johnson & Wales University Graduate working in the Providence restaurant scene. She loves connecting with the Providence community through her work with The Lady Project and her Instagram. In her spare time, she tries to grow plants and eats out with her friends.

Photo by Death To The Stock Photo