Interview // Rebekah Epstein, Publicist

Tell us about your business / current project.

All we do all day is pitch the media. What does this mean? We get businesses and individuals into newspapers, magazines, online and on TV. Our goal is to get your name and company out there through traditional media outlets.

How can young women get involved with an organization like The Lady Project?

Just start with one event. I know this sounds like common sense, but it is so easy to put things off. I do it all the time. I will see an event I want to go to, and come up with a million reasons why I don't want to go: too tired, too much work, I don't know anyone. Once you have gone to that one event, you have done the hardest part! Also, try to find something specific to get involved with...a committee or planning an event for the organization. I feel like if you have something to do, you will be more likely to return.

What changes to your business are you hoping to make in the next year?

I would really like to grow, and I am still figuring out what that means. For so long it has always just been me. I am ready to change that.

When things get rough, how do you keep yourself going?

I think taking breaks helps. If I am feeling particularly overwhelmed, I stop and go to something I enjoy. Then, I can usually come back with a clear head.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

When you make a mistake, apologize, and promptly ask: "how can I fix it?" Instead of making a bunch of excuses and freaking out