Interview // Jennifer Brousseau and Alexys Garrepy, co-founders of alexys ryan jewelry

Tell us how alexys ryan started.

After decades of creating trend-setting designs for some of the nation’s top retailers, LDC, Inc., the company behind alexys ryan, decided to move in a new direction with the launch of its first collection. This is an exciting step for our team. We approached the challenge like any other - we did our research, looked at where we could make our mark, and landed on our concept for alexys ryan.

Why did you want each piece of jewelry to be inscribed with an inspiration saying?

These classic pieces carry simple messages, projecting confidence, and strength. We love creating designs and messages to help women tell their stories through their jewelry.

What is in the future for alexys ryan?

More designs. More boutiques. More fun.

If you could describe yourself in five words, what would they be?

We will let alexys ryan do the talking. Here are some of our favorite messages to describe our lives:
Balance – wear all the hats
Endurance – stronger than you think
Practice – trial and error
Risk – bend the rules
Love – feel the fire

Tell us about your co-conspirators. Who are the ladies you collaborate with on a regular basis?

Each other! As colleagues and sisters-in-law, we are bouncing ideas off each other all day - asking for advice about what works for our jewelry designs to ideas to cook for dinner.

How can young women get involved with an organization like The Lady Project?

It’s as easy as checking out their website for programs and following all their great work on social media.

Talk about the importance of finding your tribe.

alexys ryan is all about finding your tribe. For our first collection, we wanted to create stunning, affordable necklaces and bracelets to complement the wardrobe of the woman who balances everything. Too often jewelry takes a back seat to the demands of the day. These pieces reflect our lives as moms, wives, sisters and friends. The collection reminds us it can still be fun and easy to feel great about how we look, and that we are all facing the same challenges and successes at home and work. Our tribe is big and keeps us moving forward.

Who inspires you these days? (Can be contemporary or a historical figure.)

Our moms. Their love, support, and encouragement keep us going. And as we balance our own careers and families, we are even more grateful for all they did, and still do, for us.

What changes to your business are you hoping to make in the next year?

Adding more designs. Adding more boutique locations.

When things get rough, how do you keep yourself going?

Glancing at our wrists to let alexys ryan inspire us - - her messages remind us to keep going, persevere.

Do you label yourself a feminist? Please explain.

alexys ryan = girl power. And perseverance. And endurance. And risk.

What's your favorite restaurant in the city where you live?

Whether it is staying at home in Cumberland to make a pizza from scratch with cheese and vegetables or heading to Picasso’s Pub in Warwick for a pie or two, it is great to spend time with our husbands and kids after a long day. And yes, there is always a cold beer in the mix for the parents.

What do you like about being part of the Lady Project?

The Lady Project is an excellent space – online and in person – for women, of all backgrounds, to connect and learn. It’s important work, keep it up!

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Let us know if you have ideas for words and phrases we should consider for alexys ryan.