Inspiring Women // Sydney Crane


For a lot of us, Women's History Month is a time to reflect on important and influential women in history and in our lives. This year it began two weeks after I said goodbye to a very influential woman in my life, my Nana Sydney.

Nana taught me a lot of life lessons about being an independent woman and a put together lady at the same time. Lessons like, I should always leave the house with a little lipstick on, and if I’m wearing mules, spray a little hairspray in them so they don’t clomp around while I’m walking. (She told me she learned that one “from the drag queens.” Um...ok...) If I feel like dancing, I don’t need to wait for a man to ask me, just start dancing. Of course, she also taught me to jitterbug, in case one ever did. Work hard, have fun and be a little wild once in a while.

I also learned that age is never an excuse for holding on to outdated ideas, being lazy in your work, or (god forbid) being unfashionable. Getting old doesn’t change who you are, or mean that you suddenly stop thinking Matthew McConaughey is a hunk, it’s just a number that comes with experience, wisdom and great stories.

This past month I've been thinking a lot about what a special role grandmothers have in the lives of girls and women. We have so much to learn if we listen, and they learn a lot from us if we open up and spend the time to talk to them. Grandmothers are our own special examples to look up to, a link to our own personal history, and if you’re as lucky as I am, super fun to hang out and dance with.