Inspiring Notes From The Lady Project Summit

Being in attendance at The Lady Project Summit goes well beyond the realms of any traditional networking convention. I sincerely believe it fits into it's own category of awesome. If you were there, I know you're picking up what I'm putting down here. When I mentioned the Summit to women in my life not familiar with the Lady Project (trust me I make sure EVERY women I know hears about it) I was sure to stress how the summit is not uncomfortable suits and panty hose, forced communication and awkward exchanges. In all it's glory it is about meaningful connections, exciting collaborations and inspiring speakers who genuinely share their knowledge with the belief that all women deserve the right to succeed. 300 motivated, creative and smart ladies together in one space, watch out world! It's kind of like mac and cheese. It just goes together.

Throughout my endeavors I have learned that there is a significant amount of personal growth happening when you step into who you truly are, and start cultivating relationships with like minded women. The Summit supports the idea that we are here to uplift one another, and more importantly it lends an ear for those who feel lost in a sea of decisions and questions. Do I quit my day job and focus on my side hustle? Am I the only one who binge watches episodes of House of Cards instead of working on my vision board? Ladies we are not alone! In the pursuit of our dreams, goals and aspirations we are constantly being pulled in many directions. Having a tribe of ladies supporting us and saying yeah I get it, is what I believe gives us the push we need to stay inspired and heard. That is the Lady Project Summit.

Here's my biggest take aways from the workshops I attended and a couple of my favorite quotes that I did not tweet out, but should have. I learned at the Summit my Twitter game is not strong.

Assertive Communication: Own Your Voice

Emilie Aries, the founder and CEO of Bossed Up, led this workshop like the boss lady she is. She believes that work, love and wellness are connected and we must stop pretending otherwise.

"Think about what you need personally to develop yourself professionally"

When understanding the importance of that statement I realized how many times in my life I did not speak out of honesty, but rather out of a false belief that I conjured up in my mind- deciding instead to hide behind my own voice. Whether it's relationships, work or the car salesman who's giving you a hard time there is a difference between being assertive and aggressive. This distinct difference is something Emilie skillfully communicated to us. She helped us to understand that owning your voice and asking yourself what would a boss do will allow for clarity and motivation. Exactly how I felt at the close of the workshop. When lead assertively as a leader, rather than aggressively for selfish reasons, we're winning.

How to Get the Goat Farms of Your Dreams Without Quitting Your Job or Moving to the Country

Despite the title this workshop was not about raising baby goats. Although there were many adorable photos of them in the presentation.

Ever feel as though you give away your time to tasks that are not in line with what your soul is shouting at you to do, and you're not in attendance with your personal passions? I do. This workshop led by Caitlin Abber, Senior Editor of Women's Health Mag and host of the podcast Uninterrupted, helped to answer those questions. Caitlin stressed the importance of creating a routine around your goals and life's everyday tasks, noting to check in with yourself to see how you're feeling. As purpose driven ladies eager to connect with others and saying yes much more than no, she reminded us that sleep and food are essential. Self care will go a long way as we map out our road to fulfilling our dreams. This workshop made me feel better about those nights I said no to a networking event to recharge over some sushi and a good book.

Editorial Styling 101: Tips for Defining Your Style and Getting Your Work Published 

As a student of feng shui interior design, and a lover of all things home related, I follow design sites on Instagram and Facebook like it's my job. Attending this workshop led by Abby Capalbo of Style Me Pretty  was such a treat! She unapolgetically dished out her advice on styling photos and the best part was listening to the journey of her career path. What I loved most about her was how she addressed every women in the room as someone who can deliver the same quality and level of beauty in their work as she can. When you learn from experts you tend to forget that they were once beginners. There is no room for competitiveness or comparisons. Just growth and understanding.

How to Take Charge of Your Financial Future

Money can be a personal topic that women have a tendency to tread lightly around. Creating a healthy relationship with it is essential. Women influence 72.8% of household spending and managing that spending is important.

I've always struggled with having honest conversations about it and this workshop was the first time it dawned on me that so many others felt the same. The workshop led by Maureen Kerrigan and Courtney Chellgreen of RBC Wealth Management, offered a fresh perspective on igniting our financial confidence. They informed us on solutions and tools from credit score maintenance to saving for retirement. They inspired and empowered us to take a deeper look at our spending habits and take charge of our financial future. There were so many questions from the attendees that they were not able to get to all the slides. A follow up email was sent with the slide information within 2 days. No surprise there. Women supporting women.

I think it's only fitting that I close with this quote from Summit keynote speaker Ruma Bose, President @ Chobani Ventures and author of Mother Teresa CEO.

"Aim high. Never settle. Trust yourself. Never think that you're done"