How Visiting New England Improves Your Well-Being

While you may have considered traveling to New England to see its spectacular fall foliage or ski its amazing slopes, you may not have thought about all of the added benefits of visiting this historical part of the country. New England is one of the best travel destinations in the United States if you want to learn about the nation’s history, appreciate the hard work and dedication of the colonists, and experience all of the beauty and serenity of the northeast coast. You may just be surprised how a visit to New England can improve your well-being.

Surround yourself with beauty to relax more fully

Traveling can be stressful. But, traveling to a beautiful destination such as New England has an instant calming effect and leads to a more relaxing, enjoyable vacation. Visiting the rolling hills, seaside ports, and beautiful beaches that New England has to offer is a perfect way to relieve stress and relax. Spending time walking the natural trails of New England leads you to unbeatable views and breathtaking waterfalls. If you hike in New England, you’ll find fire towers, lakes, ponds, and alpine summits when you spend time in the natural beauty that defines this part of the U.S.

Become more knowledgeable of the country’s history and culture

Of course, New England is host to some of the most historically significant areas of the nation. Whether you opt to visit Plymouth Rock or Salem, Massachusetts, you’ll learn more about the colonists and the beliefs and values that shaped the foundation of our country. You’ll also get to walk the cobblestone streets of quaint towns and villages, explore the neighborhoods and see the brownstone-lined streets, and experience the museums, music, and culture that is unique to New England.

Enjoy fresh seafood

If you have been relying on large seafood chains or supermarket seafood in your hometown, you will be pleasantly surprised when you take your first bite of fresh New England seafood. From chowder to lobster, New England serves up the tastiest cuisine from the sea. In most cases, the best seafood eateries are located right along the coast, where the restaurateurs have access to fishermen, lobstermen, and clam diggers. Fresh seafood is much healthier for you than frozen or processed seafood, and ocean-fresh seafood contains omega-3 fatty acids that reduce the risk of heart disease and inflammation, lower blood pressure, decrease triglyceride levels, and boost the brain. Many types of seafood also are packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Enjoy the unique city of Providence, Rhode Island

Of course, you don’t want to miss out on the city life in New England, either. But, if you want to steer clear of large cities like Boston or Worcester, Massachusetts, consider visiting Providence, Rhode Island. Providence is known for being accessible and friendly like a small town, but it also is home to a large arts community, premier hotels, and a world-renowned restaurant scene that give it all of the culture and sophistication you’d expect from a large city. Enjoy a walk through historic Providence to see Brown University, the Arnold House, the Casey Farm, and the Governor Henry Lippitt House Museum. Then, enjoy the Providence Children’s Museum and RISD Museum as an entire family. You also should plan to visit the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium while in Providence.

Traveling anywhere can lead to an adventure and fun. But, traveling to New England is sure to be an amazing experience because of all the region has to offer. From its natural beauty and delicious seafood to its historical areas and culture, New England is one of the most exciting and relaxing places to visit when you need to get away from home.

Catherine Workman loves traveling more than anything else. This is because she believes we should all leave our comfort zones once in a while. 

Image via Pixabay by Rgoehl