How To Make A Vision Board


People host vision board parties for fun but not fully understanding the powerfulness of creating their vision. When you create a vision board not only is it bringing your vision to life but it is also manifesting the law of attraction. Don't ask or visualize something and refuse to affirm the nature of it. You asked for it whether it was verbally, in your thoughts and within your heart. When you ask and visualize something, you need to be ready to receive whatever you ask for it wholeheartedly because it's something that you desired and longed for. When you create your vision board, you just can't wish for it and remain stagnant, you have to actually be fearless and be active in obtaining it. You have to transition your mindset and be ready to attract it in your life. In other words, you have to be ready at all time to receive it. Your thoughts, your life, and yourself must be in alignment of the goodness you are going to receive. Remember, you attract what you are and you want to attract endless positive possibilities. 

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a powerful visualization tool that activate the law of attraction. Law of attraction is an universal law which it states that we create our own reality. We are like magnets, we attract the people in our lives (good or bad), we attract experiences, money, homes and whatever your mind, energy and heart attracts. Basically, we attract what we are. If we, are positive people who enjoy life, peace and prosperity we will attract those people within our lives while the chaotic, negative and doubtful people will exit out of our life. 

A vision board is a collage of cut out pictures, word, and quotes which are colorful which activate and stimulate excitement and awakening within our brains to become happy. This collage is something you want to be, do, or obtain in life. You take your colorful cut outs and you post them on a poster board. Remember, when you are cutting out your pictures, words and quotes, you want it to be specific since you are truly asking for your heart desires. 

 Here are four ways you can achieve your vision through your vision board:

  1. Visualize Yourself Being and Doing: Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? By being a visual learner, you are able to obtain the information by visualizing the material which is an amazing and creative skill to have. Why not visualize yourself doing and achieving something amazing? When you create your vision board, post your board everywhere and visualize yourself doing, being and achieving everything on your vision board. Post the board somewhere visible in which you frequently that specific area daily such as your closet or your fridge, take a picture of your vision board and use it as your phone's screensaver, tablet/iPad's screensaver, or laptop screensaver and post your vision board as your Facebook/Twitter cover photo. 
  2. It's Your Creation: Your vision board is meant for you. Your vision board is your masterpiece and no one else's . It's your vision, your creation and your life. Remember everyone is not going to understand and agree with your vision and that's perfectly fine because your vision was given to you by the Creator/Most High and that's who receives all the credit. For instance, If you want to become married to a specific person, put that on your vision board and get in alignment with your vision.
  3. Overcome your limited self-imposed thoughts and self-sabotaging self talk. When you create your vision board, you want to take the top off your dreams. You don't want to limit your dreams nor your vision. When you create your vision board, you want to put things that you may think are unrealistic but realistically you can achieve such things. Stop telling yourself that you can't invest in Apple stocks, you can't become a CEO of a Fortune 500 or you can't make the Forbes list.  Stop limiting yourself, your dreams and your vision. In order to achieve that vision, you have to stop with the negative self talk, limiting yourself and greatness to something punitive when you were created to be fearless, bold, and amazing. Start your vision board on a positive, upbeat and bold note. If you find yourself cutting out things that may appear unrealistic and that self-doubt creep into your heart, continue to cut it out and post it because now is the time for you to start moving from your comfort zone to a "challenging and anything is possible" zone. As long as you have the attitude of anything is possible, if I ask, believe and receive, you will achieve your vision.
  4. Stop Overanalyzing and Creating Drama. Did you know when you overanalyze something you are creating unnecessary drama and unnecessary reality for yourself? I tell myself, my clients and other people to get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less and feel more. Many times in life, we think so much that our heads figuratively exploded which keep us stuck, frustrated and bitter. We need to feel more and get more intuitive with self. Whenever we create a vision board, we often overanalyze the things we put on our vision board. We start to question ourselves and our abilities to actually achieve and visualize our greatness. For example, when I created my vision board, I put one of my favorite vacation destination, St. Thomas, USVI because I am going to take my coaching services there along with having retreats there. You see the keyword "I am" I did not say "I might". I didn't overanalyze what I said because I dug deep into my feelings and affirmed my vision. You have to affirm what you want without overanalyzing it. Once you overanalyze your vision, you already limited yourself and affirmed fear. Affirm what you want.

There are various ways that you can create your vision board. You can create your vision board by gathering old magazines, printing out pictures, quotes and word from the internet and posting them on your poster board. Whatever pictures, quotes, words and things ignite your excitement and passion, choose that one and post away. Secondly, have an amazing free online dream/vision board tool.

Here are some handy questions that will help you to create your best vision board:

What would you do differently when you realize your goal? Where would you travel? Where would you live? What would you wear? What things would you own? What kind of vehicle would you drive? What would you do for work?...Or would you work? Who would you help?

Focus your vision board on the following:

  • Career
  • Business
  • Spirituality
  • Self-Care
  • Finances
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Health and Wellness
  • Volunteer
  • Relationship
  • Attitude/Mindset
  • Family
  • Happiness

Andrea C. Imafidon is the brain child and life coach of Brown Girl From Boston, a personal development and coaching blog that educate, encourage and empower the overachiever and overqualified women of ethnic diversity everywhere to live life to the fullest, on purpose and fearlessly. Andrea is a Brown Girl From Boston who currently resides in Providence, RI with her husband and her furry cat son, Chai. She is a member of National Coalition of 100 Black Women: Rhode Island Chapter and a member of Girl Scouts of USA. When Andrea isn't coaching she truly enjoys her downtime. In her spare time, she coordinates and facilitate networking and group coaching events for women. Andrea is a lover of life, she love and appreciate her supportive village of friends and family. Andrea is a music maven, Hip Hop Brainiac, Boston sports fanatic, enjoys sleep, travel, fashion, food and fitness!