How to Host Your Own Galentine’s Day

When I was in college I worked at a Hallmark store. Starting in August I was surrounded by Valentine's Day paraphernalia. As the “Big Day” approached it only got worse. It’s tough to ignore Valentine’s Day when everywhere you look there are reminders of the romantic holiday. However, the way we celebrate Valentine’s Day always bothered me because it emphasized only one type of love: romantic love. I felt it put unnecessary pressure on relationships when you are romantically involved and tended to make you feel lonely and sad when you weren’t.

This is why I loved when the TV show Parks and Recreations introduced a new holiday called Galentine’s Day (yup- I am once again mentioning my much-beloved show Parks and Rec- they should start paying me haha). Galentine’s Day is celebrated on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day. It combines a celebration of my two favorite loves: female friendships and breakfast foods. A few years ago I began to coordinate a gathering of my female friends for brunch to start our own Galentine’s Day celebration and it has been an ongoing hit we talk about all year long.

I’ve outlined the steps you need to organize your very own Galentine’s Celebration here:

Step 1: Identify Your List of Favorite Females in Your Life

Start thinking about who is a female friend who embodies the positive energy of such an event. These can be family members, friends, coworkers, or maybe that cool acquaintance you haven’t quite figured out how to start a friendship would like to get to know better.

Step 2: Identify An Agreeable Location

Choose a restaurant, a friend’s home, or some other location that is convenient to hosting such a gathering of smart, powerful, successful ladies (preferably featuring delicious breakfast foods).

Step 3: Send Out Your Invites

Make sure you invite your friends! You can do this in person, text message, social media, or an online invite service such as or I prefer to use Facebook so we can all see who is coming and communicate in one spot. I also make it so guests can invite other guests. That way you can expand your circle of support and friendship. In my crew, the motto is the more the merrier!

Step 4: Stay in Touch!

Just because your invites are out does not mean you can ignore your friends! Stay in touch and be sure to remind them about this amazing gathering of wonderful women that is sure to be a blast!

Step 5: PARTY!!

When the day arrives get ready to chow-down and party with these awesome ladies! Make sure to keep the conversation focused on how amazing and wonderful all the attendees are and how much their friendship and support means to you. My friends and I will go around and share what we love about each person. It is an amazing experience to take the time to acknowledge and discuss all the hard work and successes we achieve throughout the rest of the year.

Step 6: Stay in Touch Part Two

That’s right - continue to stay in touch! You don’t have to celebrate your amazing friendships once a year. Keep the party going with more gatherings like this throughout the year.
We’d love to see and hear about your Galentine’s Day celebrations. Feel free to comment below or tag The Lady Project on social media.