how to heal when your heart is tired.

Editor's note: The white nationalist march in Charlottesville this past weekend is reprehensible and disgusting. I urge everyone to speak up and use their voice to combat white supremacy. And to my fellow women of color, don't let hateful people like this steal our joy.


rejoice over every part of you that makes them cringe:
your skin, your eyes, your hair, your language.
make your silence a love song this morning.

sing your heart out. LOUD.
don't worry about them.
what are they doing?
waving tiki torches in Charlottesville? 


you don't have time to be worryin'
'bout little white boys waving
tiki torches in Charlottesville.

not today.



feel every inch of your blackness.
own it like the sun-child you are,
like there's a midnight on the inside
and praying oil on your palms.

culture says you're supposed to be angry,
but Heart says you're supposed to be healthy

so, it's okay if Heart hurts today.
it's okay if Heart hurts tomorrow,
but don't you

                ever let them steal Your joy.



live .

open your window. do you see that sky?
see how it feels watching the earth with its eyes?
oh, how it cries when it needs to.
oh, how it smiles 'cause it wants to.


Daje Morris is a singer-songwriter and poet based in Knoxville, TN. This piece was orignially posted on Daje's blog.