How Self-Compassion Will Move Your Goals Forward In The New Year

The start of each new year brings a flood of emotions: joy, hope, appreciation for the people and experiences we’ve shared the past year with, loss, disappointment, nostalgia, and anticipation of what’s to come. For many of us, we look at the New Year as a fresh start, a clean slate, a chance to start over. An opportunity to change our habits and our mindsets - to bid farewell to what’s no longer working, and to live up to our highest potential.

Then, around this time - approximately two weeks in - we lose hope. We look around, and the slate is full. We’ve set lofty goals, but haven’t so much as inched toward them. Our minds jump to - if I can’t even make small changes right out of the gate, how am I going to reach my goals for the entire year? We think we’ve missed our chance.

To that, I say - whoa! Stop right there. When those thoughts show up, don’t give up - wake up. The opportunity to change our habits and our mindsets - to bid farewell to what’s no longer working, and to live up to our highest potential is staring us in the face. Celebrate the thought and choose to shift your mindset in that very moment - and in an instant you’re right back on track toward fulfilling your highest potential.

Life will throw curveballs that we aren’t prepared for.

Deadlines will be missed.

Checks will bounce.

Rain will delay the game, and the flight, and the ceremony.

People will let us down.

But, if we change the narrative around what it means … to be late … to miss a payment … to be stuck in the rain … to be let down … we can change our whole world.

We must continue to show up with compassion for ourselves and others. Because when we do, we’re moving a hell of a lot closer toward living the life of our dreams, than if we were to wallow in the loss, or frustration, or disappointment that often shows up as a result of things outside of our control.

If "change is the only constant in life", then why do we often curse it? (This quote comes from the great Greek philosopher, Heraclitus --- a testament as old as time).

What would happen if we celebrated it?

Perhaps our relationships would get stronger, our capacity to love and be loved would grow deeper, and our collection of memories would include moments with a lot more laughter.

I challenge you to celebrate impending change. Lean into it. Embrace it. Be grateful for it. And decide how you want to show up. The life of your dreams is within reach. You get to decide how to live it.

Patsy Culp is the founder of And Celebrate, an event design company dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs deepen their client connections through extraordinary event experiences. She has her family to thank for instilling the importance of celebration and belonging into her psyche. Growing up, there was always an excuse to celebrate — the first day of school; the last day of school; the dogs’ birthday; two weeks spent huddled together during the ice storm of ‘98. Patsy carried this penchant for celebration into her teens and beyond. Today, she has made it her life’s work to bring people together, foster a sense of community, and forge stronger connections through each event she helps plan. Born and raised in a small town in Maine, she is now a proud Rhode Island transplant. She and her husband reside on the East Side of Providence and love celebrating everything Little Rhody has to offer.

Photo by Death To The Stock Photo