How to Feel Connected to Your Home


When I was 18 my parents decided to sell the home that I had grown up in. Every childhood memory I had lived in the walls of that house. As we packed up the boxes I felt as though I was leaving a piece of myself there. Once it was empty I remember walking through each room and thinking to myself that regardless of where I lived in the future, nothing would compare to that house. On that street. In that town. I believe that there are distinct feelings that tie us to our home. Maybe it's nostalgia, comfort or a feeling of wholeness that it stirs up inside us. It's incredible how connected we can become to the spaces we live and even work in. As time went on I did fall in love with our new home, and for years after that all 7 apartments I managed to land in. I learned very quickly that home does not always have to be on a particular street, in a certain town. It is truly what we make of it. The idea is to make it all our own, embrace it and create new memories inside the walls. Being connected to the space that you walk into at the end of your day is going to find you feeling relaxed, at peace and simple put happy. How do we get to that place? Speaking as someone who has moved quite a bit, as well as having helped others achieve simplicity within their homes, I can tell you with certainty it is easy to achieve. Clearing Space and Enjoying Your Home

When thinking about making a house a home we tend to think the effort should fall on decorating, but to reach a feeling of connectedness think in terms of editing, streamlining, and simplifying. This will allow you to enjoy both your home and your life, also be more present for what is. Letting go of those things that do not bring you joy will find you more available and able to enjoy the space, to go with the flow. There is a distinct difference between the items that we invite into our home that we know and love and the items that begin to accumulate that do not serve any other purpose than taking up space. Remember that clutter is not just the stuff on your floor- it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living. Our homes, regardless of how long we have resided in them, are truly the gateway to so many great feelings. Clearing space means "more being and less doing". When our homes and even our work spaces are bit more free flowing they nourish and support our well being. They provide us with energy and harmony in our space. With all of this great energy aligned in our home how could we not feel connected from the moment we walk in the door?   

One thing to remember is that this isn't about creating a perfectly tidy home. This is about being surrounded by your favorite photos, books and yes even knick knacks. Having your closet filled with clothing that makes you feel good, and finding a use for everything filling up those kitchen cabinets. If you find yourself coming across items that aren't bringing you joy always remember you have the ability to decide what stays and what goes. Giving yourself power over your belongings will allow you to feel more connected to your space. If you don't feel compelled to let go that's ok too. Sometimes our intuition tells us it is not the time to move forward or make a decision. With physical clutter, making the choice not to choose can take the form of putting your items in a bin that you can revisit at some point. The idea is to focus on the way that you feel from the moment you walk in the door. Allow that to guide you in your decision making.

I remember moving into my first apartment and before I unpacked any boxes I put up a few photos on the fridge of my family and friends. They made me smile and began to tell the story of my life within the new space. This in turn created that feeling of being connected to my home even if I hadn't spent one night there. Inviting in your favorite colors will also help to create the perfect backdrop for you to get creative in the space. This will bring about a feeling of ownership and pride in the space. Look for opportunities in your home to bring in elements from the Earth. Plants and fresh flowers instantly freshen up the space and add a bit of lightness. Clear away paper clutter on counters and tables, and give them a home in file folders. You would be surprised on how amazing you feel in your space after doing a quick 5 minute declutter.

Our homes speak to us daily and remind us of our goals, our dreams and what we are cultivating in our lives. From the moment we wake in the morning our home is welcoming us to our day. It’s letting us know we have a cozy bed to sleep in when we return. This is precisely why the spaces we live and work in are deeply connected to the way we feel. Taking the time to clear away the clutter, focus on what we love about the space and adding our personality to it will keep us connected and always happy to be coming home.