How to Dream Big


If you’re like me, then you definitely have that friend in your life you’re kind of jealous of. You know, that one who always has big ideas and plans, and actually achieves them.

And when you have coffee with this friend, you’re half inspired and half wondering how does she make this stuff happen?!

Even though these friends inspire you to dream big as well, minutes after meeting with this friend, you are bogged down with the demands and obligations of your life and find it hard to muster the energy to dream big. And this leaves you feeling like dreaming big just ain’t for you.

Why is that?

There’s something inherently wrong with the language of “dream big”. Dreams can feel like luxuries. Like something you can do only after you’ve finished everything else on your to-do list. Like, “I’ll define my dreams after I finish the dishes, that report, and all these emails.” And that’s exactly why you never get to it. If it feels like a luxury, you won’t create the time to do it.

Change Your language

You have to change the way you talk about your dreams in order to take them from “la la land” to reality. If a your big dreams feel like a luxury you can’t afford or an intangible goal you’ll never accomplish, then good luck convincing yourself to spend time dreaming big.

If dreams don’t feel like reality and goals are something you’re also chasing and rarely catch, you need VISION to inform your pursuit of your true potential.

What’s the difference?

It may seem like just a play on words, but it’s more than that. The difference lies in the actuation.

Visioning is action in and of itself. When you envision yourself accomplishing something, you actually see yourself doing it. That’s the key.

When you can see yourself living that life, having that thing, or being that person, your vision becomes one step closer to your reality. After you create your vision, actions steps can be planned and executed bringing you closer and closer to living that vision.

Want to create BIG vision?

Ladies have the tenacity and resilience for delayed gratification. You have the propensity to lay the ground work and see it through.

Ladies struggle with the visioning BIG aspect. Unfortunately, ladies tend to create visions well within their actual abilities and potential. Ladies take less risks and don’t envision their success as grandly as men do.

So, instead of giving you some ‘list to follow’ or ‘things to do’ to create big vision, I want to provide you with questions to ask. With these questions, I want to break down your preconceived limits, obstacles, and barriers to what’s possible for you. I want stimulate your left-brain creation and shut off your right-brain logistics. But most of all, I want you to create big vision.

Questions to Ask:

What would you do if there were no way you could fail?

How would you spend your days if you had $100 million in your bank account?

Where do you hold yourself back?

What scares you?

What’s you biggest gift?

What impact do you want to have in this life?

Five year from now, what do you want to hear people saying about you at a cocktail party?

What are you waiting for to change before you take action?

Do you know someone who is getting the results you wish to get? What do they do differently?

If you’d earn $1 million by taking one small step right now, what would you do?

Want some accountability?

Share YOUR answer to one of these questions below. Lets start creating your BIG vision!

Brittany Drozd helps success-oriented individuals create powerful relationships by offering them the strategies, tools, and support they need to experience greater purpose, fulfillment, and connection. Visit for info on how to work with Brittany. In addition, Brittany is a fitness junkie, green juice connoisseur, and doting wife.