How To Do A Consultation Call


As a certified personal development and business coach providing a consultation call is key for attracting the right clients and running a successful business. A consultation call is a meeting or an interview between the client and the person who is providing the service whether it is coaching, event planning, etc.  During the consultation call, this is the time in which the potential client is interviewing the person who is providing the service and vice versa. Whenever I provide a consultation call I encourage and empower the potential client to ask me questions about my services, coaching style, and professionalism. You have to treat the consultation call as if you are on a job interview. You don’t want to go along with the consultation call, agree to the services and waste your time and services because you realize that you and the client are not collaborating, connecting or communicating. Therefore ask thorough and thought provoking questions!

Before you agree to provide a consultation call for a potential client, you want to follow some helpful tips that will help you to have a successful call. Preparation is the key to success! Below are three tips for a successful consultation call.

Schedule Your Call: As a business owner providing a service, you want to be mindful of your time management and organization skills. In order to have a successful consultation call, you must have a system in which clients can schedule their consultation call. As the business owner, you want to research an easy and effective schedule system that you can use to schedule your clients. There are many free schedulers such as Acuity Scheduling or Google Calendar. Acuity Scheduling and Google Calendar can both be shared with your potential clients so they can schedule their time for their consultation. When you use a scheduler such as Google Calendar or Acuity Scheduler, you are allowed to block out time for your other appointments and commitments.

If a client is unable to keep their scheduled appointment, you should give them the opportunity to reschedule if needed. Some schedulers have options in which the client is able to reschedule their own appointment. Since you are providing the consultation call, you want to create healthy boundaries in regard to rescheduling. You want your potential client to respect your time and respect their time as well.   Also send out a reminder email, including a positive brief note that you look forward to the call. Also send your business phone number, date and time in which the client need to call. Figure out if your call is going to be via telephone, Skype or Google Hangout. 

Length of consultation call: Before you schedule a consultation call, you want to figure out how long will the call last. The average consultation call last anyway between 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Consultation calls are usually complimentary since you are assessing the needs of your potential clients and how your services can benefit the client. On the day of the call, you should be prepared to give your potential call your best. You want to provide an amazing appetizer, so your potential client will come back for the entree and dessert.

Day of the Call: Consultation calls should take place somewhere quiet within your home office free from distractions. I wouldn’t recommend providing a consultation call within a public area because you want to respect the client’s information that is being provided. During the consultation call, you want to be present, mindfully listen by turning off the TV, music, stop surfing the internet via computer/phone. You also want to take notes and zone in on important things that the client mentioned. Taking notes also help you engaged and collaborate with the client.

Have a glass of water handy since you will be engaging in a meaningful conversation with the client. You want to stay away from eating - especially chewing gum which would be offensive towards your potential clients. You also want to stray away from drinking on the job because a consultation call is actually a part of your duties as a business owner.

Consultation calls are powerful because this helps foster a great working relationship between the business owner and client. Consultation calls help break the ice for the client who are looking to seek a service to enhance their life. Remember, business owners -- consultation calls are your time to shine and show off your strengths, skills, and services. 

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Andrea C. Imafidon is the brain child and life coach of Brown Girl From Boston, a personal development and coaching blog that educate, encourage and empower the overachiever and overqualified women of ethnic diversity everywhere to live life to the fullest, on purpose and fearlessly. Andrea is a Brown Girl From Boston who currently resides in Providence, RI with her husband and her furry cat son, Chai.