How To Be A Shameless Feminist

Harness The Power Of Social Media

In the past, I would hesitate to share a particular feminist meme or video on Facebook because I didn’t want to be the outlier—the one who was too feminist—or the one who posted serious content when everyone else was just looking for a laugh. And on top of that, I didn’t think it would really change anything. But recent stories have convinced me otherwise. Social media is powerful. It’s a fast, free way to communicate and spread ideas. In the right hands, it can be so much more than just an app for sharing photos and memes: it amplifies your voice and can be a powerful tool for social change. You aren’t just screaming into a cyber void; others can hear you! So share the petitions and post the videos or articles because you never know who you will influence. And share the content of your favorite feminist influencers. Some of my favorites are Amy Pohler’s Smart GirlsNowthis Her, and Samantha Bee.

Lift Up The Women Around You

I firmly believe women can do anything and be anything, but not until we band together. It’s hard enough being a woman without having to worry about other women. So how can you begin to lift up, support, and celebrate the other ladies in your life? Try applauding your friends’ successes! One woman’s success does not diminish your own, and that by keeping company with other awesome ladies and supporting each other, you stop seeing each other as enemies, stop competing, and enrich your professional network. Or, come to be a megaphone for the women around you. Try getting into the habit of echoing your coworkers words when they are being spoken over or ensuring that the original speaker receives credit for their ideas. 

Show Your Support For Feminist Organizations

There are so many great charities and nonprofits out there; it can be difficult to know which ones to give your likely limited funds to. But one of the most effective ways to be a shameless feminist is to support the organizations who fight for the causes you care about. They’re out there on the frontlines, and even a small amount of money can make a huge difference for them! Also, back to the power of social media, you can share your favorite organizations with your friends/followers and encourage them to donate as well! You have to do your research to determine which organizations are right for you, but here are some of my favorites: 

Emily’s List: We ignite change by getting pro-choice Democratic women elected to office.

She Should Run: Our commitment starts with asking women to run and continues along their journey towards public office by demystifying the experience and empowering them to unleash their leadership potential. We ask, encourage, and connect.

Geena Davis Institute: If she can see it, she can be it